World Malaria Day: Home Remedies to get rid of Malaria

Every year on April 25, World Malaria Day is celebrated as World Malaria Day. Malaria is a deadly and deadly disease, which spreads due to mosquitoes. This day is celebrated by UNICEF as a specially malaria day because millions of people lose their lives every year because of malaria. Due to malaria, the red blood cells of the body begin to be destroyed and the condition of the patient starts getting serious. But treatment of malaria is completely and easily, so there is no need to panic. Although bites of mosquitoes have many diseases besides malaria, which spread. To prevent these mosquito-borne diseases, keep cleanliness around them and not let the mosquitoes grow. Even if you get a disease due to mosquitoes, then depending on the symptoms they can be identified.

Symptoms of malaria
1-The fever should come and stay for a long time.
2-Cold and cough.
3-Repeated vomiting
4-Coldness and fever.
7-Sweating more.
8-Physical pain.

Ginger- Boil with a little ginger and add 2-3 spoon raisins in it and boil it with water. Keep boiling it until the water is half low. If it is a bit cold, take it twice a day. This helps in reducing malaria fever.

Lemon – Lemon is very beneficial for our health, if someone has a malaria disease, then say that if the rabbit juice is mixed with warm water, it is possible to get rid of malaria. Users will benefit.

Alum – alum is very beneficial for malaria, if someone has malaria, then I am going to tell you a very easy method, if you follow, then you will get benefit. Fill alarms on the pan, now grind it and make powder Now take this powder with water and do it 3 to 4 times a day. You will benefit greatly.

GarlicAntioxidants and anti-bacterial properties found in garlic are beneficial for our health, if someone has malaria disease, then garlic will be of great benefit if you use it. Grind the garlic that is told to you. Mix it with ghee and heat it Now it is very useful to consume the patient.

Cumin –Cumin is also very beneficial for us. If someone is aware of malaria, then in this case tell you if you consume cumin seeds. Now, after mixing it with jaggery water, it will be very beneficial.

Turmeric – The ingredients found in turmeric are beneficial for our health, if someone is aware of malaria, then give an easy remedy for it. Mix turmeric, honey, kalongsi, dent salt and nicer and grind it. You can give it with water or milk.

Tulsi – If someone has malaria, then take out the rosary of the basil leaves that you tell them. Then add the black powder powder in it and take it very much.

Jug – All of you know that the jaggery is very beneficial for our health. If someone has malaria, then you should tell us that if you consume jaggery in rock salt, it will be very beneficial.



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