World Asthma Day-Asthma relief from eating this food

World asthma day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May every year,On this occasion, learn about the types of foods that benefit the patients.

Symptoms and Causes of Asthma Attack –

1-Cough and breath due to dust and air pollution.
3-Fever due to change in weather.
4-Fever due to allergic.
5-Fever due to pollen.
6-Mental stress.
7-Due to the Dead Skin of Animals.
8-Because of smoking and alcohol.



Carrot contains beta-carotene which is anti-oxidant. Several studies have found that this beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A in the body. This reduces the risk of asthma. Apart from this, there are also elements that are very beneficial for eyes and immune systems.


Apple is considered very good for asthma patients. Eating it provides allergy relief. People who eat two to five apples per week reduce the risk of asthma to 32 percent less than those who do not eat apples.

Fatty fish –

Fatty fish containing omega-3 fatty acids provides great relief from heart related illness, stroke, diabetes, asthma. The omega 3 present in it provides considerable relief in bronchitis.


Ginger is considered to be extremely beneficial for asthma patients. It is said to fight against diseases.

Sunflower seeds-

Sunflower seeds contain anti-asthma elements. Asthma patients get relief from eating it everyday. It contains Potassium, Vitamin E and Magnesium.

Milk –

Milk is not only a good source of calcium but also contains a considerable amount of magnesium content. Which is helpful in fighting asthma. Due to magnesium the mussels are relaxed.

Sweet potato-

Sweet potato is considered to be very nutritious. These must be eaten by people who have asthma. Eating sugary sugars brings relief from allergic reaction. Asthma also provides relief from allergic reactions.

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