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Windows 10 is best operating system that Microsoft Built, Windows 10 is much user friendly than windows 8 or window 7, In control Panel windows 10 is easy to use, Control Panel in window 10 is Replaced with Settings but Old control Panel is also given for more comfortable for old window 7, 8 user that just upgrade from windows 7 to 10, in Setting my setting Feature are given like System, Device,Phone, Network & Internet  Personalisation, Apps, Account, Gaming, Cortana, Privacy, Update & security etc.

Windows 10 Best Tips and Tricks - Setting

1] Customize Start Menu

 You Can Customize Start menu, by Resizing, Make Grouping of apps, game, Changing Group name, making sub-group, you can customize it for Small Side corner of Make it Full screen, For Full screen just Drag From corner or Switch to Tablet mode.


2] ON / OFF live Tiles in Start Menu

You Can Turn ON or OFF Live Tiles by Right Click on Tiles and More Turn Live Tile ON/OFF, Live Tiles are Mostly use for Weather, Calendar, Mail like apps.

3] Window on Screen Keyboard or Touch Keyboard

You Can use Touch Keyboard in windows 10, Sometime if Your Keyboard not Working then you Can Switch Touch keyboard at that time it has all the Feature of a Normal keyboard, To turn on Touch Keyboard, Right Click on Task Bar ⇒ Show touch keyboard button then Keyboard Like icon Windows-10- appear in Task bar, now open Touch Keyboard by Clicking on that keyboard icon.


4] Use Emoji any where

Window Bring Emoji Feature by Update of Windows Insider Preview, To use Emoji you have to open your Touch Keyboard or on screen keyboard and Click on emoji icon, now all emoji are ready to use.


5] Reminder Feature in Sticky Notes

You have already use sticky Notes in other version of Windows but in Windows 10 Microsoft bring some new feature in like when you type any day in reminder like ” Jack Birthday on  Monday  I’ve to go for his Birthday Party at 8 O’clock” Then, When you are typing monday then sticky notes suggest you to add this for reminder, and If you want that sticky notes remind you then you click to add reminder then sticky notes remind you on monday. to enable this reminder feature you have to click on Menu Button () at top corner of sticky notes and Now click on  Settings Gear at bottom left of sticky notes and Enable insights, now you are able to add reminder with sticky notes.

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