Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June to honor the father’s importance and to honor the father’s affection and dedication. But did you know when and where did Father Day begin? Although there are many stories about the beginning of Father’s Day, but the most famous story is Sonaro who lived in Spokane, Washington, USA. 

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It is said that Sonaro and her siblings were raised by her father, William Jackson alone. In May 1909, a program was organized at a church on the occasion of Mother’s Day, where lectures were being given about mother, when Sonaro came to mind that when Mother’s Day is celebrated, why not Father’s day?
Then Father’s Day was first celebrated in Washington on19 June 1910.

How to celebrate-

By the way, Father’s day is celebrated on different dates according to every country, but in India it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Just as the mother’s child has an important contribution in life, the equal contribution is also to the father. So Father’s day gives chance to thank your father, giving him respect and praise, which is started by greeting Father’s Day to Father. After that he is given a Greetings card written in gifts and praise.

The child should have the duty to make this day memorable for his father, such as feeding him favorite food, giving good gifts, spending time with them, making them good and loving and serving them.

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Father’s Day Dates in the following years:

Sunday17th June2018
Sunday16th June2019
Sunday21th June2020
Sunday20th June2021
Sunday19th June2022
Sunday18th June2023
Sunday16th June2024
Sunday15th June2025