Why comes hiccup? What is the remedy to get relief from this?

It’s normal to get hiccups. Usually, some time the hiccups are closed automatically. But sometimes hesitation hurts for a long time. Let’s know the reasons for hiccups and the home remedies for relief. And if you do not get any relief then what to do?

What is hiccup?

The muscle called diaphragm separates the heart and lungs from the stomach. Breathing also means that it has an important role in respiration. When there is contraction in it, then there is a place for air in our lungs. When the contraction of the diaphragm muscle suddenly occurs frequently, we start to feel hiccups. The sound that comes at the time of hiccups is due to the gluten’s early closure.

Why comes hiccup?

Although it is not possible to tell the cause of the hiccup, but there are some common reasons for this:
* Eat more than enough food. Too much tart or spicy food or food in haste
* Drink alcohol or assorted drinks. Smoking
* Due to tension, anxiety, excessive exasperation, sometimes hiccups occur.
* A sudden change in air temperature can start hiccups.

How get relief from hiccups?

* Drink cold water or put ice cubes in the mouth and slowly stir.
* Sucking a piece of cinnamon in the mouth for some time gives relief in hiccups.
* Take a deep breath, stop breathing as long as possible. Repeat this process will get rest.
* Take a breath in the paper bag and breathe, breathe out. This helps in the respiratory process to be normal.
* Garlic, onion or carrot juice relaxes by snuff.
* Grind black pepper and make fine powder. Eat two grams of powdered honey with honey.
* Suck slowly by keeping a sugar or chocolate under the tongue.
* Lie down on the ground. Drag the knees toward your chest. By doing so sometimes the problem of diaphragm gets resolved.
* With 20 grams of lemon juice, add 6 grams of honey and a little black salt, chicks are stopped by licking it.

What to do if the Home remedies do not work?

Although sometimes the hiccup can disturb you for 48 hours in a row, but if it happens repeatedly, then it is time to consult with the doctor. Home remedies do not work. The continuous hiccups may indicate signs of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Sometimes cardiovascular disturbances also cause hiccups. The problem of hiccup starts with swelling of the stomach, gas, and heights hernia. The sign of metabolic disturbances also comes from hiccup.
It is also important to seek the advice of a doctor because sleep disturbed due to frequent hiccups. Constantly coming from hiccups can lead to depression and depression. The doctor may ask for an examination of the stomach, chest, head and throat as well as to check the diabetes level. Kidney and Liver Function Tests, ECGs can be recommended to check…….

Note: Be sure to consult any Ayurveda before trying any home remedies.

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