Why Buy Expensive Moisturizer, Make Natural moisturizer at home

The dryness of the skin makes your skin lifeless. The skin needs moisture to remove this dryness. We often assume that oily skin does not need hydration. but it’s not like that. Normal, oily and all skin types need moisture. And at the same time moisturizer is necessary to get beautiful skin in every season. Regularly using moisturizer helps to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. Although there are many types of moisturizers available in the market, the skin can also be moisturized by domestic remedies. Homemade moisturizers contain fresh nutrients. They give you much better results. Right now, we can all make safe and natural moisturizers at home. Almost all the ingredients used in this moisturizer will be available in your kitchen, and this will help with natural moisturizer. Your skin will not have to face any kind of damage, so let’s see how you can make moisturizer at home.

Cocoa Butter Moisturizer-

Take oil and water in a separate pan
Oil Ingredients-
20 ml avocado oil / olive oil / coconut oil, 10 grams cocoa butter / mango butter / shea butter, 10 grams plant emulsifying wax (chocolate wax used to make chocolate) 5 ml vitamin E oil
Water Ingredients
Heat 55 ml pure RO water, 10 ml glycerin, 1 ml lemon oil, water content and oil content separately from 60 to 65 degrees, add oil content to the water content and stir until it cools. Keep shaking, moisturizer is ready, keep in the refrigerator and apply as per your requirement This is your simple formulation to withstand the dryness of summer, protect and protect soft skin.

Honey, glycerin, lemon juice and green tea moisturizer-

Both honey and glycerin keep the skin hydrated. Lemon lightens your skin tone and reduces stains. Along with this, green tea balances the pH level of your skin.

(i) Honey: 1 tsp
(ii) Glycerin: 2 tsp
(iii) Green tea water: 2 tsp hot green tea water
(iv) Lemon juice: 1 tsp, fresh

How to make –
Mix all the ingredients. Now massage the skin by taking a little moisturizer on the screen. Leave it on the face overnight.

Milk and Olive Oil Moisturizer-

Milk contains lactic acid which makes the skin soft. Olive nourishes the oil skin inside. Lemon juice removes dead skin and solves the problem of acne and wrinkles.
(i) Raw milk: 1 / 4th cup, low fat or without fat
(ii) Lemon juice: 2 – 3 tablespoons, freshly squeezed
(iii) Olive oil: 2 – 3 tsp, extra virgin

How to make –
Mix extra virgin olive oil and milk in a cup. Then squeeze the lemon in it. Mix and use it.

Almond, aloe vera and coconut moisturizer-

Aloe vera helps in providing moisture to the face. In addition, it contains antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin C, etc., which makes the skin look healthy. At the same time, almond oil has good fat, which locks the moisturizer of the skin.

(i) Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera extracted from 4 teaspoon trees
(ii) Almond oil: 2 tsp, puree
(iii) Coconut oil: 2 tsp, without adulteration
How to make –
Mix all the ingredients. If the coconut is frozen, melt it first. Tip: While making it, you can increase and decrease its quantity according to yourself. If you have made too much moisturizer then keep it in a cool and shady place.

Rose Moisturizer-

Rose water helps remove dirt from the face and give a fresh look to the skin. Add aloe vera gel to it as it is considered very good for oily skin. This moisturizer will remove the face of your face.
(i) Rose petals: 1/4 cup
(ii) Rose water: a little
(iii) Aloe vera juice: 2 teaspoons
How to make –
First boil rose petals in clean water. Then mix a few drops of water daily. Then filter it because all we need is water. Now add aloe vera gel to it and keep it to cool down. You can use it by keeping it in the fridge. Use the moisturizer given above as they do not have any side effects.

Lemon and Olive Oil-

Take two teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon olive oil and 1/3 cup milk. Mix all three well and keep them in the fridge. This moisturizer can be used for three to four days. It is much better for people with sensitive skin. It is a very good body moisturizer

Almond oil-

Take ten teaspoons of three oils like almond, coconut and sesame. Mix all these together and fill them in a bottle. Apply it on the whole body after bathing, it will remove the dryness of the skin. Applying this moisturizer immediately after bathing, maintains moisture in the skin.

Cucumber and rose water-

Take one teaspoon lemon juice, two spoons olive oil and ground cucumber juice. Mix them well. Later add rose water and whisk it. This mixture will add freshness to your dry skin.

Coconut Oil and Honey-

Take one teaspoon coconut oil, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon lemon juice. Mix all these things well. Store it in the fridge and apply it on the face if needed. This moisturizer proves to be quite good for soft skin. It is a great moisturizer for face.

Aloe vera-

Take four spoons aloe vera gel, one teaspoon almond oil, one teaspoon olive oil. Mix them all well and keep them at room temperature. When it is in mind, apply it, the skin will improve. It is best for dry skin people.

Rose leaves –

To make a moisturizer of rose leaves, boil the leaves in rose water. Sieve it and add two teaspoons of aloe vera juice to it. Store it in the fridge and apply it on the skin regularly. Applying this will remove the dryness of the skin.

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