Whiten your teeth in only two minutes

Beautiful and white teeth play a very important role in making personality perfect. As soon as someone’s teeth look black or yellow, we think that it definitely consumes tobacco or narcotic things and it puts negative effects on our personality.It also makes people feel Embarrassment  to talk and laughingly, Today  we will tell you some tips that you can make your teeth white, after that you can smile and talk freely.


Mix apple vinegar in one teaspoon olive oil. Dip your toothbrush in this mixture and brush the teeth lightly. Repeat this procedure until the mixture is finished. By using this the yellow teeth will be disappears.

2-Baking soda-

Baking soda is the easiest way to make teeth white. It eliminates the plaque from teeth and maintains the whiteness and glow of teeth. Take 1 tablespoon baking soda add salt and water to it, clean your teeth  for two minutes.Do it 2-3 times per week, your teeth will be completely white in 3-4 weeks

3-Orange peel-

Yellow teeth will start shining, when cleaning the teeth daily with orange peel. Rub  orange peel on the teeth before sleeping at night. In orange peels, there is a micro-organism with vitamin C and calcium, which maintains the strength and glow of teeth. This will make your teeth white in a few days


The properties of natural bleach of lemon show the effect on the teeth. Lemon peels can be rubbed on teeth for yellow teeth, Massage teeth by mixing salt with lemon,twice a day, your teeth will start shining in two weeks.


Salt has been used for the cleaning of teeth since ancient times. It returns the lost minerals of teeth, which keeps the teeth white Salt can be used to clean teethl like toothpaste every morning,  Mix salt with mustard oil and clean the teeth, the teeth will be white.


Vitamin C is also abundant in strawberries, which is helpful in making teeth white. Grind some pieces of strawberries, and massage on the teeth. Yellow teeth begin to whiten in a few days after doing it twice a day.

7-Cassia leave-

Grind the dry Cassia leaves in fine powder and brush on teeth every second  day,  this powder will give whiten  teeth, the lost glow of your teeth will start coming back.

The reason for the tooth being yellow-

  1. By smoking and tobacco
  2. Do not brush properly
  3. Do not brush after eating a night
  4. By take more fluoride
  5. Due to lack of saliva in the mouth

How to save teeth from being yellow

  1. Reduce tea coffee consumption
  2. Brush in the morning and after dinner
  3. Drink more Water
  4. Stay away from smoking and tobacco
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