Which people should not eat curd?

Curd can be harmful for some people. Yes! There are also disadvantages of eating curd. Everyone talks about the benefits of curd but it is also important to know about the side effects of curd.

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Side Effects Of Curd:

Curd is a dairy product. The fermentation process occurs by adding bacteria to milk. The nutritional value of curd is beneficial in many ways. Apart from enhancing the taste of many foods, curd also improves digestion and strengthens bones and teeth. Regular consumption of curd also lowers cholesterol level and reduces high blood pressure. It boosts the body’s immunity and helps in improving skin health. There are many health benefits of consuming curd, but do you know that curd can be harmful for some people. Yes! There are also disadvantages of eating curd. Everyone talks about the benefits of curd but it is also important to know about the side effects of curd.

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Which people should not eat curd?

  • People suffering from arthritis should not eat curd daily. Curd is a sour food and sour foods are known to intensify joint pain.
  • People with weak digestive system should not eat curd at night. If you often have problems with acidity, indigestion or acid reflux, then you should not eat curd when digestion is sluggish, which usually happens at night.
  • Curd provides strength to bones and teeth, but people who already have arthritis should avoid eating curd regularly. It increases joint pain.
  • It has been found that lactose intolerant people can digest curd, but not milk. However, you can consume curd, but give a gap in eating curd.

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We should eat curd at night?

Ayurveda talks about the three main doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Yogurt has sweet and sour properties. It aggravates Kapha dosha. A person whose phlegm has already increased, eating too much curd can cause harm. This can lead to the development of excess mucus. This is the reason why Ayurveda does not recommend eating curd at night.

Although curd helps in reducing weight, its daily consumption can lead to obesity. People should be careful with the quantity consumed every week. Curd can be heavy for some people, which can lead to constipation. Consuming too much can only cause problems.

Best time to eat curd for weight loss:

In our country, curd is eaten in almost every household, but even then some people do not know what is the right time to eat curd or when to eat curd. Eating curd at the wrong time can also cause damage to curd.

According to Ayurveda, curd should be eaten in the morning or during the day. Ayurveda says that curd should never be consumed at night. Eating curd at night can cause problems like cold, cough, cold, sore throat, fever, so curd should not be consumed after sunset.

Right way to eat curd:

  • Never consume curd with sugar, use sugar candy instead of sugar.
  • It is more beneficial to consume curd with rock salt or black salt instead of white salt.
  • Never consume curd with milk.
  • For stomach problems, always consume curd with black salt.
  • To reduce body heat, consuming curd with sugar candy is beneficial.
  • Using citrus fruits with curd is also harmful.
  • Do not consume curd after sunset.
  • Do not consume curd in fever.
  • Curd should be avoided even during the rainy season.
  • Curd has a cold effect, so do not consume too many hot things with it.
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