What to eat, what not and home remedies for relief in Cold (Jukam)

A cold is just a normal disease to say, but when there is a cold or a cold, then the person gets very upset, pain in the head, frequent sneezing, runny nose , nose becomes red Problems occur, which bothers a person so much that he has problems in doing any work, studies or anything, in this article today we will tell you some such home remedies by using which you can get relief from this problem And avoid avoiding many problems, and also we will know about what should we eat in cold and what not, so let’s know.

Warm mustard oil-

If you have a cold, apply light warm mustard oil in the nose with the help of fingers, apply it well on the soles of hands and feet, do this 2 to 3 times a day before going to sleep at night and sleep until morning. Will get rest.

Vicks VapoRub-

Apply Vicks Vapor on the chest, back, nose and head, then cover it with a warm cloth and sleep, you will get a lot of rest. One to two use will give you relief from cold.

Hot water-

Drink plenty of hot water when you have a cold, it will give you a lot of relief in colds, use a lot of it two to three times a day, you will get relief from colds.


In case of cold, cut ginger into small pieces and then add salt to it and eat it while sucking it in the mouth and its juice will open your throat and salt will kill germs.

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Garlic and ghee-

Many people do not even like the taste of garlic but it has many beneficial properties, roast garlic in ghee and eat it hot. It can be bad in taste but is excellent for health. And it can give you relief from problems like colds.

Black pepper and ghee-

If there is also mucus with a cold cough, then eat half a teaspoon of black pepper mixed with desi ghee. Will get rest.

Carrot juice-

You may find it a bit strange to hear, but carrot juice is very beneficial in cough and cold, but do not consume it with ice.

Basil and honey-

Mix basil and honey in ginger juice and consume it. This remedy will also give you relief from colds.

Jaggery, ghee and ginger-

Crush ginger, then add jaggery to it, after that you put it in ghee and fry it to make a paste. You eat it after cooling it a little, but after that do not drink water for 1-2 hours, you will get relief from cold.

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What to eat, what not in Cold (Jukam)-

The weather has changed very fast. Cold and cough are common in winter. It is said about cough that it is not a disease in itself, but is a symptom of another disease. Such as cold and cold, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, allergies, asthma. If the cough persists for a long time, many other diseases can arise.

Eat these things in a cough cold-

Garlic – Garlic has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties and due to these properties, it has been used as a herb since winter. You can add garlic to chicken soup or broth to make it more effective, which reduces the symptoms of a cold.

Oats – In winter, eating oats is beneficial. Eating oats provides adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and calories. Apart from this, protein is also present in it. It strengthens immunity and also helps in controlling blood pressure.

Banana: Many people stop eating banana in cold and cough. They feel that it increases phlegm in the body due to which cold is cured with delay. But let us tell you that bananas contain plenty of potassium and it fulfills the lack of water in the body. The 100 calories present in a banana gives energy to the body. In addition, the electrolytes and minerals present in it increase immunity in the body. That is why do not stop the consumption of banana in cold and cough.

Yogurt: People consume yogurt to digest food quickly. Because the good bacteria present in it digest food. If you have a cold and cough again and again, avoid foods like curd, cheese, cheese because they work to make mucus. But if you have seasonal cold and cough, you can eat it. Avoid eating such substances at night, as these can increase the amount of phlegm in your body, which will end your cold even more lately.

Vitamin C: All fruits and vegetables with vitamin C strengthen the immune system. Also, this vitamin protects the body from infection. Vitamin C keeps bones, muscles and blood vessels healthy. With this, it helps to absorb iron in the body. That is why it should never be stopped in cold and cough. For vitamin C, include fruits and vegetables like oranges, papaya, tomatoes, guava.

Soup, tea, hot water in a cold-In such a situation, if Soup, tea, hot water is drunk, not only it provides relief in colds, but also the mucus deposited in the chest also comes out easily. Not only this, in the event of a cough, a drink of sip-filled hot water does not freeze excess phlegm and also provides great relief in headache.

Green Vegetables – Green vegetables should be consumed more and more when sick. Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc. contain sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. In addition, green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C. Also, green vegetables contain antioxidants, which protect your meat from getting damaged and reduce inflammation.

What not to eat in a cold-

Milk: According to a study, only a few people suffer from cough due to cold and cough. Not only milk, but other dairy products also make phlegm. For this, try drinking milk and try it yourself. If you are also one of those who do not get relief from drinking milk, then it increases phlegm, then avoid it. Drink it only after a cold and cough is cured.

Fried food and refined flour: Avoid fried foods like fried potatoes, pakoras, rolls, parathas. Along with this, do not eat all the breads made from fine flour, pasta, maggi, bhature and kulche before the cold and cough are cured.

Processed food-packaged foods contain high amounts of fructose corn syrup, sodium which can prove to be harmful to health.

Smoking-smokers affect colds relatively quickly. Lung cells are especially damaged by cigarette smoking which makes the situation more serious. Therefore, do not smoke cigarettes during a cold.

“If you have a cold and cough again and again, avoid foods like banana, curd, cheese, cheese because they work to make mucus. But if you have seasonal cold and cough, you can eat it. Avoid eating such substances at night, as these can increase the amount of phlegm in your body, which will end your cold even more lately.”

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