What should you eat in Hyper acidity, Know 5 Home Remedy

Hyper acidity is a bile disorder, which causes excessive bile in the body due to excessive reason. Let’s Learn What to Do if You Have Hyper acidity…

Do not eat in hyper acidity disease-

Do not use new grains, more chilli-spiced foods, fish, meat-eating, drinking, food, hot tea-coffee, yogurt and buttermilk, as well as the use of tuvar dal and urad lentils.

What do you eat in hyper acidity-

Eat  weet fluids such as mishri, amla, gulkand, mukka Bathua, Chowai, Gourd, Bitter gourd, Coriander, Pomegranate, Banana, Shakhs and fruits.  Use milk regularly.

Home Remidies-

1-Drinking neem bark powder or filtering the bark of soaked bark at night, drinks the disease.
2-Make papaya, coconut, pomegranate, etc. in the fruit as part of your diet. Besides, take coconut and coconut water too.Munakka.
3-Amla’s marmalade, raw amla will also be better.
4-Aloe vera juice can prove to be very beneficial in this. For this, take the empty stomach Aloe vera juice daily in the morning.
5 -Use yoga, asana and medicine to reduce mental stress.

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