What do & not to do after having a meal

To stay healthy, it is very important to pay attention to food and lifestyle. By following all these rules, what should and should not be done with and after food, a person remains healthy. Diseases are invited due to carelessness in food. Let us know which things should be taken care of especially immediately after the meal.

What not to do after having a meal:-
1. Bathing:-

Taking a bath after eating food increases the flow of blood in the hands, feet and other parts and it remains less near the stomach. It can also weaken the digestive system.

2. Smoking:

People who have a smoking pool, they definitely smoke one or two cigarettes a day. But there are some people among them who fulfill this urge after having food. According to health experts, the harm caused by doing so is 10 times more than that of ordinary smoking.

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3. Eating fruit:

Eating apples, bananas, grapes or favorite fruits immediately after a meal can cause gas in the stomach.

4. Having tea:

It is also very bad to drink tea immediately after having a meal. Tea contains acid, which hardens the protein content of the food. Due to this, there is a lot of difficulty in digesting the food.

5. Sleep:

Sleeping after having a meal is also injurious to health. It is necessary to walk for some time after eating food. Sleeping immediately after eating can lead to digestive tract, heartburn, throat irritation and intestinal infections.

What to do after having a meal:-
1. Brush or rinse:

We should brush or gargle after eating food, so that the problem of bad breath ends and the germs growing in the mouth also die, so that the health of our mouth becomes good. We should not brush immediately after eating food, we should brush only after stopping for about 10 minutes because brushing immediately after eating food can cause problems in the teeth.

2. Walking:

We should do light walking for about 10 to 15 minutes after eating food, so that the blood circulation of our body remains and food is digested well. We should not walk immediately after eating food, we should do walking only after stopping for about 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Drink hot water:

Drinking hot water after eating food is very beneficial, drinking hot water after eating food digests food quickly and our digestive power is strong and fast. By drinking hot water after eating food, obesity is also reduced as well as the toxic or poisonous substances in our body are also removed. The problem of acidity also stays away by drinking hot water.

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4. Do vajrasana-

It is very beneficial to do Vajrasana after eating food. By doing Vajrasana, our digestive system is strengthened and blood flow is also accelerated so that our food gets digested well. Vajrasana can be done by people of any age and can do it anytime, but it is very beneficial after eating food.

5. Eat something sweet-

When we eat something sweet after eating food, we get many benefits from it. When we eat food, the amount of acid in our stomach increases, which works to digest the food faster, but when we eat something sweet, it slows down that fast and maintains balance. Another benefit of eating sweets is, when we eat something sweet, after eating food, the level of a hormone called serotonin increases in our body, which gives us a feeling of happiness. Eating sweets in excess is injurious to health, so eat sweets but in small quantities.

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