Weight gain medicine: Eat this 1 Fruit you will get fat soon

Here we will know how to use raisins to gain weight, How can raisins help in weight gain, Nutrients are present in raisins, How to consume raisins to gain weight and what are its health benefits. Many dieticians, yoga trainers and gym trainers tell different methods about weight loss, but probably no one talks about increasing weight. Know the “easy way to gain weight”. You can get a lot of advice about losing weight, but hardly you will get tips to gain weight. If you are really skinny and want to increase your weight, then there is such a dry fruit which can help you. Actually, here we are talking about Raisins which can support you in this fight against skinny genes.

Know the science of weight gain and loss

How can raisins help in weight gain?

To gain weight, you have to consume more calories in the body and raisins are high in calories. The 299 calories present in 100 grams of raisins is about 15% of your daily caloric intake. According to a study published in the Journal for Food and Nutrition Research, the consumption of raisins is also associated with better weight gain parameters and nutrient intake. Therefore, you can use raisins to gain weight and get many healthy nutrients while doing so! Hence, it can be said with complete certainty that raisins can effectively help you gain weight in a healthy way.

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Nutrients are present in raisins:

Raisins are basically dried grapes. Therefore, they retain most of the nutrients of grapes. Generally, carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar are the primary component of raisins. Additionally, it also contains some amount of dietary fiber along with trace antioxidants and minerals such as iron, calcium and boron.

Raisins have the ability to make you fat:

Rich in healthy calories, these dry fruits are a powerhouse of nutrition. Raisins may appear thin and withered, but its effect is completely opposite. You can use raisins in many ways to gain weight. If you want, you can eat some raisins in your oats or curd. Since these are dry fruits, you can eat them directly. Apart from this, you can also have them in breakfast.

How to consume raisins to gain weight?

Eating raisins in foods rich in naturally occurring proteins and healthy fats can improve your weight-gain effectiveness. Here are the tips on how to consume raisins for weight gain.

  • If you want to take advantage of all the nutrients of raisins, soak them overnight in a cup of full-fat milk and consume the next day.
  • You can eat raisins mixed with sugar-free nut butter.
  • Make granola at home and add a good amount of raisins. Then enjoy this mixture and increase the weight.
  • You can also consume raisins by blending them in smoothies or protein shakes.

Consume 300-500 calories for weight gain:

The serving size of raisins for weight gain varies from person to person and it depends on many factors like age, gender, physical activity, metabolic activity etc. For this, first of all you should be aware of your calorie intake. To gain weight gradually, you need to consume more than 300-500 calories. On the other hand, if you want to fast track your weight gain efforts, you should have around 700-1000 calories more for maintenance.

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