Wearing N95 Mask Can be Fatal while Running or Exercising

Due to the global epidemic corona, masks have become a part of life. In the state of infection, doctors also believe that people should wear masks in their habit for a long time, so people also know about its advantages and disadvantages. Be aware, wearing N95 masks while running or exercising can be fatal.

What is the N95 Mask and how its work-

N95 masks protect against corona virus; Demand for Corona’s growing case masks has also increased rapidly in India. N95 masks are being sold at double the price in the retail market. Usually the surgical mask which was available for Rs 10, is being sold for more than Rs 40, while the N95 mask is usually available for around Rs 150, it is being sold for up to Rs 300. N95 masks are used to protect against diseases like pollution and corona virus. It can prevent up to 95 percent of airborne virus particles.

Why wearing a N95 Mask is Fatal while Running or Exercising-

N95 Musk is affixed to multi-layer utterances which are very difficult to breathe. Running or exercising increases the speed of breathing and requires more oxygen. When the N95 masks are filtered, the air pressure decreases, causing a lack of oxygen, so wearing N95 masks while running and exercising causes problems in breathing, health workers in hospitals use such masks. It is recommended that anyone who has respiratory problems should also not wear a N95 mask as it can make it difficult for you to take a mother-in-law, so you should use a normal mask, and if you use a cloth mask, it will Would be much better, because you can clean it by dusting it. Your face sweat or respiratory Moisturization can also increase the risk of infection by accumulating inside the mask for more days. The more the moisture gets deposited in the N95 mask, the more difficult it becomes to breathe. Use it only if you think that you will be careful to use the N95 mask and dispose of it.

How long can wear one N95 masks-

It depends on what you do by wearing it. If you work in healthcare workers or industrial plants then you should change the N95 mask every day, but if you are using a mask like N95 in your daily life then it should be changed on 10-11 days.

Do not Buy N95 Mask If not More Necessary-

These days there is already a shortage of N95 masks in hospitals for health workers and corona patients. If you are healthy then do not buy this mask from the market, while buying this mask, keep in mind that somewhere you are not creating problems for those who really need it. Otherwise, in the midst of the well-known market and the current lack of N95 masks in hospitals, you can create a shortage for hospitals and health care workers.

How to test the mask is good for you or not-

If you want to test any mask that you have, whether it is the right mask for you or not, then you first wear the mask properly, then light a candle in front of you, then you blow it with the mask itself. If the candles are extinguished then the masks are not right for you. If the candles are not extinguished then the masks are better for you, you can use them comfortably.

Keep these precautions while using the vehicle-

  • Follow the directions while sitting in a two-wheeler and a car, two people riding on a two-wheeler can cause infection,
  • Also wear masks and gloves with helmets,
  • After removing the gloves, sanitize the hands.
  • Sanitize the handle before and after opening the vehicle door,
  • Apply mask to the vehicle as well.
  • Sanitize public transport tools daily,
  • Thermal scanning of the passenger is necessary before traveling in a taxi or cab,
  • Ask the cab driver if he has a cold.
  • Yes, please wash it after traveling.

Important things to know to avoid Corona

  • Those who are not used to regular exercise should not run too suddenly without a mask, nor should they put more burden on them than the capacity of the body by exercising more.
  • Use of masks and gloves is necessary to prevent infection, especially wearing a mask and get out of the house
  • Follow the law of physical distance even in offices and markets, it is necessary to include it in your habit, so if you go anywhere, keep a distance of at least 1 meter.
  • Hand hygiene is the most important, when coming out of the house, keep sanitizing the hands at short intervals, if in office, then wash hands with soap for 1 to 2 hours
  • Face siled masks can be used in crowded places. Doctors say that wearing face masks and following physical distance, face shield mask is not necessary.
  • Take out the shoes outside the house and sanitize the hands, change clothes and wash hands, feet with soap, bathe and clean cloth masks daily.
  • Children should not kiss them while caressing love because they can get infection by spitting
  • Do not touch the face with hands, because the nose. Virus can enter the body through the eyes and can touch the face only after washing hands properly
  • If there is any elderly person in the house, go to him wearing a mask
  • It has been revealed in many researches that smoking can also cause infection, so do not use smoking
  • Do not unnecessarily touch the handrail or any surface because the virus present there can get into your hand.
  • Many times people take down the mask when coughing and sneezing, do not do this. Keep the face covered when coughing and sneezing, if you cough and sneeze, you can cover the face with a handkerchief, tissue paper or sleeve cloth so that the droplets do not come out. Get
  • People often have a habit of spitting out after eating gutka, tobacco and pan masala, this has to be changed because sputum can spread the infection so do not spit on the road

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