We Should Eat Spicy Food or Not

Every person likes different tastes, some spicy or sweet or sour or some people like very simple food and some people are very spicy, in this article today we will talk about that we should eat spicy or not, Benefits of Eat Spicy Food, Disadvantages of eating spicy food, eating Spicy Food during pregnancy are safe or not, If the vegetable becomes too spicy then what we should do and more so let’s start without wasting time.

We Should Eat Spicy Food or Not-

Eating spicy is not in everyone’s control, but there are many people who like spicy food. spicy food is tasty for many people, so many people try to avoid it. if you like You can eat spicy food but do not eat too spicy and avoid eating spicy food everyday, there are many benefits and disadvantages to eating spicy, so let’s know benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of Eat Spicy Food-

Do you know that eating spicy has many benefits in our body and provides strength to fight many diseases. Actually, red chill is the most commonly used in pungent spices increases metabolism and is beneficial for reducing obesity.

  • Chilli is rich in alkoid compound called capsaicin which helps in reducing cancer cells.
  • Spicy food does not allow the fat to freeze. The calories in spices that make food spicy are also negligible. For this reason, fast chili food never allows the body to become fat.
  • The sharpness of food balances the flow of blood in the body. Because of this, the blood cycle in the heart remains correct, which reduces the problem of blood pressure.
  • Chilli, which makes food spicy, reduces the bad cholesterol present in the body and prevents capsaicin from swelling. Studies also claim that spicy food reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Spicy food increases the hormone ‘serotonin’ which makes you feel good, due to which you reduce stress and depression.
  • Eating spicy food benefits patients with type 2 diabetes. Because eating spicy keeps blood sugar under control and produces the necessary insulin in the body.

Note- If you have stomach irritation or heart burn problem by eating spicy then avoid it. Eat only on the advice of a doctor.

Disadvantages of eating spicy food-

Excessive chilli or pungent also causes damage. Excessive intake of this can cause swelling in the tissues. People who eat more spicy may complain of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and excessive sweating. But it should be consumed in limited quantity.

  • Overeating spicy and spicy food can cause discomfort and stomach irritation. This is especially true when there is not much gap between your dinner and the night’s sleep.
  • Eating more spicy at night time can spoil the gastric gland. Also problems of indigestion and inability to sleep can also arise.
  • Eating excessively sharp slows metabolism and takes time to digest. It also has a bad effect on your energy level.
  • When eating excessively spicy will cause problems of indigestion and sleeplessness, the effect of this can also be seen in the form of weight gain.
  • A substance called capsaicin is found in chillies that can cause acidity problems.

In this article, I have told you both the advantages and disadvantages of eating spicy food, now we will know eating Spicy Food during pregnancy are safe or not.

Is it safe to eat Spicy Food during pregnancy-

You must be aware that the diet taken during pregnancy is very important. It is important for a pregnant woman to have a balanced diet, not only for the mother, but also for the baby inside her. The only source of fetal development is the food taken by the mother. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to every diet taken by the mother. If you like spicy food, should you skip spicy food during pregnancy? Because during pregnancy, spicy food affects the baby in the stomach. Some people also believe that eating spicy can cause abdominal pain that can lead to premature baby birth.

If the vegetable becomes too spicy, then follow these tips-

  • If the Gravy vegetable has become pungent, then add fresh cream, curd, or cream, and reduce the pungency. And if dry vegetable has become pungent then fry a little gram flour in it. This will also increase the taste and reduce the pungency.
  • If the chilli in the lentils, gravy or stocked vegetable is too much, then make small tablets of flour and put it in the vegetable. After a boil, remove the flour tablets. Now the taste must have reduced the chilli.
  • If the vegetable is too hot then add a plain bread and after a boil remove the bread when it cools down a bit.
  • Potato is called the king of vegetables. But do you know that vegetable pungency can also be removed by this? To remove the pungency of the vegetable, mash the potatoes and mix them in the vegetable.
  • To reduce the pungency of the vegetable, you should add vinegar or ketchup to the vegetable, one tablespoon of vinegar can be enough to cure it.
  • To reduce the pungency in the vegetable, grind and mix tomatoes in it. But before mixing tomato puree in the vegetable, add some oil in a pan and fry it lightly, this will increase the taste of the vegetable.

So do not take tension at all when guests are coming in the house and your vegetable gets spoiled or pungent. Use these methods and respect the guests fiercely.

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