There is no doubt that if you want to stay away from Diseases, you will have to take an active lifestyle after abandoning your passive and sedentary lifestyle. Only one change can save you from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even a serious Diseases like cancer….

Brain stroke-
The risk of brain stroke reduced to 30 percent by 2 hours of walk in the week.

Heart attack-
The risk of heart attack is significantly reduced by walking 30-60 minutes daily.

A daily 30-40 minute walk reduces the risk of diabetes by 29 percent.

Depending on the 30-minute walk of the day the danger of depression is reduced to 36 percent.

The risk of obesity remains halfway through at least one hour of daily life.

Walking 4 hours a week decreases the risk of hip fracture by 43 percent.

If we walk three to 40-40 minutes in a week, then the memory is fast.

The 75-minute walk in the week can increase our lives by at least 2 years, so if you are not worried over your life, just start walking on foot.

22-Minute walk, Reduced Death 20 Percent-

You can improve your health by walking just 22 minutes walking every day. The results of this study, published in the American Journal of Prevention Medicine, show that people who are walking at least 30 minutes every day, the risk of death is reduced by 20 percent compared to those whose lifestyles are inactive.

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