Veins Cramps instant relief 8 Home Remedies

Many times while working, while sitting or getting up, the leg vein gets clogged. Veins Cramps is a very common problem. It also has to wish for unbearable pain. In such a situation, you can get rid of this pain by adopting some home remedies. Let’s know how

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Why does the Veins Cramps?

Nerves can become clogged due to muscle contraction. Due to the defect in the fibers, knots of the muscles are formed, which causes severe pain. Due to Vein Cramps, there is not only severe pain, but sometimes swelling also comes in that part.

Reason for Vein Cramps-

  • Weakness
  • Lack of water in the body
  • Lack of vitamin C, sodium, potassium in the blood
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • More stress
  • Sit in the wrong posture
  • Not getting enough blood to the muscles
  • Due to nerve weakness

Home remedies for Vein Cramps

  • Ice- compress the ice on the affected area for at least 3 to 15 minutes on that vein.
  • Oil massage- Warm any oil lightly on the vein and massage the affected area with light hands.
  • Salt- Lack of sodium can also cause nerve problems. In such a situation, when there is Vein Cramps, then put a little salt on the palm and suck it. You will feel the difference yourself.
  • Press the point of the ear- If the vein gets on the left leg, then press the joint below the ear with the finger of the right hand. In the same way, press the point of the ear with the finger of the left hand when the vein of the right leg rises.
  • Banana – Consumption of banana also provides relief from this pain. You must be thinking, how will a banana remove any pain? Well, let me tell you, due to the presence of potassium in abundance in banana, it gives relief in pain.
  • Finger Nails- Apart from this, you can also try another remedy. Press and release the underside of the nail of the middle finger of the hand on the same side of your leg where the vein has been affected. Do this until the pain subsides.
  • Hot towels – Hot towels can be used to reduce muscle strain. Taking a bath or shower with hot water can also calm down the problem of vein occlusion.
  • Yogasan- Anulom Vilom Pranayama, the problem of nerves can be overcome with one hand and if you do it for a long time, then this disease can end.

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When to see a doctor?

The effect of Veins Cramps can last from a few seconds to 15 minutes. Many times the pain of vein occlusion increases so much that one cannot sleep at night. If this happens repeatedly then a doctor should be seen. This is more so in elderly people. If there is swelling in the leg due to vein on the vein, then immediate treatment should be done. There are tremors in the legs while climbing the vein. In this situation, pregnant women should take special care of themselves. If there is constant pain or tingling in the hands and feet, then also treatment should be done.

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