5 Uses of Talcum Powder in Makeup instead of Baby Powder

Talcum powder can be used for not only sweating and odor, but can also be used in setting up makeup, let’s know how.

To avoid the viscosity and oil of the face-

To avoid the viscosity of the makeup and the oily appearance of the face, apply a little bit of talcum powder. It helps in setting up your makeup and absorbs excess oil.

Before Using Mascara-

Apply a little bit of talcum powder on eyelashes before using Mascara . This will make up for a long time. Keep your eyes closed while applying Talcum powder, which does not cause eye irritation or any kind of problem.

Before Waxing –

You can use Talcum powder before waxing to prevent itching or redness. Put a little powder on the part where the wax is to be done, it will feel soft in the skin.

For Silky Hair-

Sprinkle little talcum powder on hair roots for silky hair. It will absorb excess oil and give your hair a silky look. After doing this, wash the hair, though do not use it regularly.

Sweat from the Body-

Talcum powder also works to eliminate the odor of sweat from the body and makes it feel fresh. If the skin is itching, then apply a little powder to remove it.

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