Try these 5 Home remedies to get relief from heel prick and pain

  • What are the causes and symptoms of plantar fasciitis
  • 5 home remedies for heel prick and pain

When you feel severe pain in the ankles after walking a few steps in the morning, then it may be plantar fasciitis. These are also the symptoms of this disease. The pain is so severe that the victim is unable to keep his feet on the ground. He walks by rubbing his feet. In this the soles become arched. Plantar Fasciitis is a disease most commonly reported by women. In fact, in plantar fasciitis, the muscles of the ankles become weak and the tissues wear away. In a way, understand that the cushion of your ankles that used to give it comfort has worn out. In such a situation, there may be a sharp pricking pain in your soles as soon as you keep your feet on the ground. Due to this condition, sometimes people find it difficult to walk. Apart from medicines, some home remedies can be useful for you.

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What are the causes and symptoms of plantar fasciitis:

Physical appearance causes plantar fasciitis. It includes-

  • When the toe is not correct and weak.
    The internal muscles of the leg are weak.
  • The muscles of the calf are tough, when they are small
  • Tough plantar fascia
    Due to excessive pressure from activities like running/dancing etc.
    Some such tasks, in which the use of feet is more. Like factory workers, teachers, traffic police
  • Wrong way of walking and running.

Get instant relief in foot pain with these 5 Effective home remedies

5 home remedies for heel prick and pain-

  1. Apply Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in reducing inflammation. To use it, mix one or two drops of lavender essential oil in coconut oil and then apply it on your soles and massage. At this time, keep in mind that massage the soles very comfortably.
  1. Apply ice for 20-30 minutes
    If there is pain in the sole of the heel, applying ice for 20-30 minutes can be very effective. Actually, ice soothes the muscles and reduces its swelling and pain. Therefore, if you have the pain of plantar fasciitis, then apply ice for 20-30 minutes. Also give your soles a rest.
  1. Dip the heels in sesame oil before sleeping
    Before sleeping, warm the sesame oil lightly and keep the heels immersed in it. It relaxes the ankle muscles and acts as a cushion to the tissue. Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces swelling and you feel relief from pain. Along with this, it gradually relaxes the muscles and reduces the prickling.
  2. Exercise the heels with a water bottle
    Exercising the heels with a water bottle removes heel pain. For this, you have to fill lukewarm water in a bottle and then roll it with the help of feet. This will increase the blood circulation of the ankles and give relief to the ankles. Also, doing it regularly gives relief from pain and you feel relief.
  3. Use Sock Splints
    By sleeping wearing splints, you can avoid this severe pain and prick of the heel. Actually, wearing it can save you from severe pain and you will not even feel a prick. In addition, splints will create warmth in your feet, which will reduce pain. So, if you are also troubled by the severe pain of plantar fasciitis, then you can take the help of these home remedies.
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