Try these Home Remedies to Get your Beauty Back

It is very difficult to take care of the face in today’s busy life. In such a way, we are attracted to those market beauty products whose ads sit in our mind. You buy, but the result is ciphered.

Perhaps you will not know, but there are many things in your kitchen that you can use to get fitter-young skin. The best part is that the use of these things is less likely to cause any damage. Here are some similar home remedies which you can get by looking for the white, fennel and clean skin.

Dark circles-

Sometimes due to external factors, dark circles come under the eyes. Nothing better than cucumbers to remove these dark circles. Cut thin pieces of cucumber and keep it on the eyes. This will give the eyes coolness and dark circles will also be removed.

Dead skin-

Due to the death of skin skin, skin glow is also lost. So prepare a mixture of honey, lemon and sugar. This mixture works like a natural scrub. Whereby the dead skin becomes cleansed and the skin also comes in color.

Hand and foot-

Most people complain of hand and foot and skin rigidity in this season. Using almond oil in such a way would be very beneficial. Before bedtime, put almond oil on the face and hands and feet. Where the stains are removed with almond oil, the skin becomes soft too.


Lips in the winter require special care. For this, mix lemon juice, glycerin and rose water and prepare a mixture. Applying this mixture before sleeping on a daily basis, while the lips become soft, pink is also there.


If you feel that the glow of your face is lost somewhere then do not need to panic. Mix honey in the milk powder present in the house. Leave it on the face for some time and leave it clean when it gets dry. Using this mixture twice a week will make the face glow.

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