Trends of Nude Makeup

It is not necessary that you will look beautiful only with full makeup. Even in low makeup, your beauty can attract everyone. Nude makeup keeps the skin of your skin, which makes the face appear.

Cheeks makeup-

Toner: Wash your face with a face wash and soak the toothbrush in the toner and wipe the face with it. Before making makeup, it is necessary to apply toner as much as necessary to make face wash. By applying a toner, face makeup remains intact and does not spread.

Selection of Foundation: The foundation should be selected according to its skin tone. Always choose the Foundation to match your skin. Skin tone changes every 5 years. That is, you need a different foundation every 5 years according to your skin tone. Similarly, after installing the foundation, it should be uniform from the brush. So give uniform color on the skin. Foundation Make a shade lightly use the color of your face. This face will look natural. With this, the Compact also uses the Foundation color.

Always focus on the concealer: Concealer is used to hide facial scars and acne. It also hides the age lines that appear on the face. Use this only to hide these things and add two to cake to match the skin composition. Place two to the cake behind other open parts of the body like neck, back, ears and ears.

Blusher: Do not use blush on chicks at day time. Put it in the night and start to apply it from nose to a half to a half inch. To lighten the beautiful shade on pink cheeks during the day, very light blush should be used to match your skin tone. From this, make-up looks natural.

Eye makeup-

Eye shadow: The dark color of the eyeshadow makes makeup very heavy in the day, so always put a niche or neutral color icchado. It also looks natural and also classics. To show the make-up to the natural light set the eyes deep with brown color and apply natural brown color icingo. If you have a complaint of wrinkles then you should avoid using cream icedo. Use powder eyeshadow instead of that. It will be good for you. Do not use Shimmer Eyeshadow. If you want to highlight under the ibroj, cream color can highlight.

Eyeliner or mascara: Try early in the morning, do not touch the eyeliner or mascara on the top and bottom of the eyes. Can pull a thin eyeliner or a line of mascara. Avoid putting dark color eyeliner in eye blindness. Eyes are tired of this. White or nude color shades can be used instead of these.

To define the shape, use the eyelash jeweler instead of the eyeliner, because it does not even appear and the eye shape also highlights. Mascara must be found in the eyes. Eyes look lovely and cheerful with this. But if the eyelids are light and you want to show them dense, curl the lashheas with the eyeshal curler. After that, place a single coat of Transparent mascara on them.

Eyebrow pencil: Eyebrows can give shape to the eyebrows with pencil or eyebrow color. Eyebrows always have light pencils that are light on your eyebrow color. If you are too blonde, then the shade should be a color darker. Eyebrow pencils are available in many colors. Wax tactile pencil is very easy to apply and also gives a natural look.

Lip makeup-

If you want your lipstick to stay on for a long time, you should use the conjunct before lipstick is applied. After that, the color of the lipstick which you want to apply, but before that lip liner should be outlined on the lip. Lips on this will look attractive and lipsticks will also last for a long time.

If Lips are natural yellow, then only apply transparent lip gloss on them. If it is not so, lipstick on very lipstick on lips such as Bubblegum Pink, Peach Pink, Lace Pink or Cameo Pink Color lipstick. Remove from tissue paper and then lightly apply transparent lip gloss. Lips Natural Pink and Glossy will be seen from this.

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