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Cooking Tips There are small ways that people can take a pleasant change in food by taking them into work. When cooking, the food becomes tasty when you know very little small tips. Food is made in every household, but the taste of each household is different. Experienced people keep experimenting with something different. Using their creativity, they make it more tasty and easier by bringing newness to the old ways. These are the cooking tips I have been told here. By taking these kitchen tips to work, the food becomes tasty and cooking becomes enjoyable. It also saves time by using them. So let’s know-

1-The quality of spice in any of the vegetables is important in its taste. That is, the spices you are taking in the work should be of good quality. It is essential for the smell, color and taste of food. Similarly, the seeds and peels of the vegetable which you want to make should be soft, whether it is gourd, ladyfinger, beans, pod, and Turaai are any vegetables.

2-If the rajma has not soaked in the night, then rajma and water with cooker until cooked three to four whistles, Beans will be melted well.

3-Do not put salt during boiling water in order to make pulses of rajma or urad, it will fall soon. After the salt lentils pour out.

4-When making lentils, put one spoonful of ghee with water to prevent frying out of lentil and pulse dishes.

5-When making the flour to make the puri, add one spoon of semolina or rice flour to it. This will make puria crispy.

6-After adding the flour to a small spoon of sugar in the flour, the Puri becomes bloated.

7-If the dough is to be stored in the fridge, put light ghee on it, then cover it and keep it in the fridge. The dough will remain fresh.
After adding flour with water, put half a teaspoon of ghee and knead it once. Dough is not dried when making chapati. Chapati will become soft

8-If the paneer is strict, then keep it in a warm, salted water and keep it for 10 minutes. Paneer will be soft. Click here to learn how to make paneer soft and spongy.

9-To make Tanduri Chapati soft, add little curd to it while adding flour and apply flour with lukewarm water. Tanduri Chapati will become soft and crispy.

10-After making paneer, after adding flour with leftover water, tandoori chapati becomes soft. Enjoy Naram Tandoori chapati.

11-By adding lemon juice to the water while cooking rice, the rice will become more bluish, white and tasty. Khile hue eat chaval

12-After frying the onion, adding onions will be brown quickly by adding a little sugar.

13-Blend one cup of coconut water and add two breads and one spoon of sugar. It is good to mix yeast with Idli ka Ghol.

14-If there is no jamming for the curd, then after adding a green chilly in lukewarm milk, curd becomes ready.

15-By applying lemon juice to the cut apple, the apple will not be brown and will remain fresh for longer periods. If the cockroaches or prawns come in the kitchen, then boric powder will not sprinkle, the cockroaches will not come.

16-Once in a month, put salt in a mixie. Blade Sharpe will remain. This is a time-saving tip for cooking tips in hindi.

17-Put the onions in the fridge shortly before cutting, then cut it. Tears will not come. Do not shed any light on the pyaj
Sticks tightly when things are tight. Put a little oil on the tuber for this, then how will you not stick it.

18-When making lentils, add two tablespoons rice flour to the solution. Chills will become crispy and crispy.

19-After making the rice, after adding lemon juice to the remaining water (mand), wash the head after putting it in the hair for half an hour. Hair will become shiny and soft.

20-If the mix of idli dose is sour, then add coconut milk to it. Sourness will get out.

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