This Seasonal Fruits will Keep You Healthy In Summer

Fruit is used in almost all households and fruits should also be eaten by everyone as it contains many vitamins, fiber, protein, carbohydrate sodium magnesium etc. which is very good for our body for our health, today In this article, we will tell you some such fruits which will keep you fit in the heat and give you relief from the heat, so let’s know


Watermelon is ripe, red inside, sweet in properties, nutritious, satisfying the bile and heat, keeping the stomach clean, sweet melon syrup, rock salt, dry mint and roasted cumin powder Drinked with white or black pepper, it also removes the lack of water in the body, potassium zinc calcium magnesium in watermelon is a good source of minerals which balance the electrolyte in the body, it contains many nutrients including natural antioxidants including vitamin C. Elements are found


Consuming the powder of Wood-apple fruit after drying the pulp increases its digestive power and prevents diarrhea, its powder is mixed with the powder of isabgol husk or fennel and consumed regularly, then cholera, colitis, diabetes and hemorrhoids Can also be avoided, Wood-apple is rich in fiber alkalies, polished acarites, anti-oxidant beta-carotene, vitamins B and C and many biochemical substances, as well as tannin calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron is considered a good source of protein and Wood-apple syrup in summer Drinking is also good.


Melon pulp provides confirmation to the body and produces curry, thin people become healthy by eating it, it keeps the stomach clean and is also beneficial in jaundice, urethral kidney stones, it contains enough protein protein carbohydrate sodium magnesium cholesterol. There is a lot of vitamin A, B, C in it, which is found in plenty, which helps in increasing the immunity of the body.


Mango is called the king of fruits and almost everyone likes mango. Ripe mango is a tonic in summer days. Drinking mango shake cooked with milk and the body gets energy. Its juice contains vitamins A, CK Sodium copper calcium phosphorus iron is also found in plenty, which increases blood in the body and strengthens bones. It contains a good amount of fiber and keeps the stomach fine. Mango is also found in Glutamic acid which increases the ability to remember. To avoid the sun, you should drink raw mango syrup everyday, if you go out in the summer, then it can save you from the heat.


Phalsa contains plenty of vitamin C and carotene elements. In the summer, the juice of Phalsa calms the irritation and nausea in the body, its intake removes bleeding from nose, this is the best heart tonic for heart patients.


Lemon is a good source of vitamin C. Lemon juice is very beneficial in headache caused by the heat of bile, it cures vomiting and nausea, as well as drinking mild lukewarm lemon water in the morning and evening can also relieve stomach problems and It also helps in reducing fat.


It produces coldness in the stomach and prevents hit strokes, you should include mint sauce in your food.


It protects from sun heat, taking its juice with lemon and honey also provides relief in vomiting. Onion should be eaten as a salad in the summer season.

Amla –

It is a very good source of Vitamin C, increases the immunity of the body, also protects it from summer, you can consume gooseberry jam, gooseberry sauce, Amla pickle etc.

Curd and buttermilk –

It provides energy in the body, prevents dehydration as well as prevents hit stroke. Curd and raita should be consumed in your food during the summer season and you can also drink curd syrup if you want.


It reduces stomach infection, reduces constipation as well as reduces hunger and thirst, drinking Sattu syrup in summer season provides coolness in the stomach.

How should the food-

In the summer season, the food should be digestible and light, in the morning, eat oatmeal, barley and gram sattu etc. In the afternoon, take moong lentils, gram bread, green vegetable with rice, lettuce, yogurt, whey etc. Take light food at night Khichdi is more right, dinner should be done by 8:00 pm Cucumber cucumber must be consumed in this season, it will also give you relief from heat.

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