These 5 Mistakes can be Dangerous for the Eyes

Eyes are one of the most delicate and vital organs of our body. Being sensitive and delicate, eyes always require extra care and some negligence can be dangerous for the eyes.Continuous use of phones, tablets, televisions and computers is harming our eyes. If you have any of these wrong habit, then you will be safe, or your eyes may get damaged soon or you may have a problem of dark eyes and eye pain.

Low light reading-

Reading is a very good habit, but there should be enough light in the room or wherever you are reading while reading. The habit of reading or lying in low light or even reading is harmful to the eyes. Reading in the dark can lead to further damage to the eyes.
Because the eyes of the eyes spread due to the lack of light, the result is, the depth of the vision area, that is, the difference between the eye and the distant things in the eye is reduced. Apart from this, the habit of reading and lying down is also harmful for your eyes.

Reading By screen-

Nowadays people are also increasing the trend of reading on mobile, laptop, tablet or e-reader. The reason for this is that a lot of books can be stored together and can be read anywhere. But let us tell you that all reading gadgets with electronic screens can also be harmful to your eyes.
According to doctors, blue light from an electronic screen, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, can be harmful to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Apart from this, the blue light coming out of the computer and laptop screen can lead to problems with cataracts like cataracts. Many people are also victims of insomnia due to this.

Blinking of the Eyes Is Important-

You might have noticed that continuously working on a computer screen, they feel uncomfortable, itching. Generally, the eyes blow 12-15 times in one minute, but in a minute working on the computer screen, only 4-5 times the eyes blink. Due to eye blows and working for longer periods, there may be problems like dry eye syndrome, itching. On the other hand, those who work continuously on the computer also have the problem of getting water out of sight, because the lubricant does not spread properly in the eyes due to not blinking eyes and it is itchy and water flows.

Working on a mobile or computer and laptop continuously-

Mobile and computer live in direct contact with our eyes, so most damage is done to the eyes only. The distance of your eyes from computer and mobile is less, which reduces the movement of eyes.
For this reason the eyes remain focused on the same point for long periods of time. The main problem is that of dry eye syndrome, people who use mobile and computer more. In this, the moisture in the eyes starts diminishing either.

Smoking is dangerous for eyes-

The effect of smoking also falls on the eyes. About 4000 chemicals are present in the cigarette, which goes inside the body and also damages the eyes along with other parts of the body. Drinking more cigarettes also increases the risk of other eye diseases as well as other eye-related diseases.
The center of the retina is called macula. Macula is responsible for the things we see in the eyes of our eyes. Macula’s functionality gradually decreases after aging, especially after the age of 60. But if you smoke, the macula’s performance decreases significantly before the time and your eyes get worse.

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