These 5 Home remedies will remove the problem of White Hair

It is common for hair to be white with increasing age. People’s hair starts to be white at the early age because of modern lifestyle and blind diet. If your hair has started to become white at an early age, we are telling you ways to keep the hair black and white, after which you will be able to get rid of white hair.

Why are hair white-

Melanin pingments found in black hair color When this pigment stops or becomes less then the hair starts to become white.

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Remove the problem of white hair-

  1. Tea leaf – Tea leaf contains antioxidant properties, which reduces hair color as well as reduces white hair growth. For this, boil the tea leaves in water. Massage the roots by cooling that water. Wash the hair after an hour with fresh water. Do not shampoo hair after using tea leaf water.
  2. Sesame and almond oil – Almond oil is rich in many nutrients. It increases the growth of hair and prevents them from falling. At the same time both the hair reduces the problem of hair. Hair from almond oil remains black for a long time. Sesame oil is also very beneficial for hair. Make sure to massage the hair with one of these oils at least twice a week.
  3. Amla – Amla is being used for centuries to keep hair healthy. Amla contains plenty of antioxidants, which prevent hair from becoming white. The problem of Damage hair is also removed from Amla. Amla can be used in many ways to keep the hair black and healthy for a long time.
  4. Fenugreek seeds – Many nutrients are also found in fenugreek grain, which prevents hair from being white prematurely. For this, soak the fenugreek seeds in water and grind them. After this, mix fenugreek paste with coconut or almond oil and put the hair in the roots. Will quickly get rid of the problem of white hair.
  5. Mehndi- Mehndi is used to give a natural color to the hair. Applying henna instead of having a chemical-based color on the hair is beneficial. It gives the hair the natural color, and it also shines in hair. To apply a henna in the hair, soak it overnight. Put coffee and lemon juice on the hair the next day.

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