There are four types of body fat, know how to get rid of these

Depending on what you eat, how much you eat and how you eat – our body is structured and gradually our body comes in a special shape. Due to this size our physical appearance is different. Here we are talking about four different types of Body Fats, from which you can learn about your Body Fat Fats.

1. High stress Fat-

Most people are in tension due to work engagement, domestic problems or other reasons. When there is a stress, the production of cartosol is called hormones, and when the cartridge occurs, it starts accumulating in the form of fat around the stomach.

How to get rid of such body fat?
– Kapalbhati and others do pranayama.
– Keep yourself busy in writing, playing, music, dance etc.
– In addition to the above, engage in activities that increase the production of Happy Hormones.

2. High Sugar fat

This fat accumulates in people who are addicted to sugars. When we consume too many sugars, our body produces insulin in a very high amount, which has a side effect on the body and begins to accumulate fat around the waist.

How to get rid of such body fat?
– Reduce sugar intake.
– Add garlic, cinnamon, oregano to your diet. These spices reduce the effect of sugars.
– Exercise like Planck, Core toning, Cranes.

3. High estrogen type-

If your butt is very heavy, the level of estrogen in your body is very high.

How to get rid of such body fat?
– Eat plenty of vegetables, such as broccoli, phyto chemicals, in plenty.
– By exercising squavot, the level of estrogen in the body can be balanced.

4. Low testosterone type-

If you find it difficult to reduce the accumulated fat with your biceps, then it means that the level of testosterone in your body is very low.

How to get rid of such body fat?
– Eat more than everything rich in vitamin D like, mushrooms etc.
Apart from diets, vitamin D supplements can also be taken.
– Exercise tone biceps.

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