The Secret of Life

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I think that  i should write on a new and a unique topic that is “THE SECRET OF LIFE”  actually  i saw a documentary movie on this and on that a very brief explanation is given i give a link about the movie of YouTube is The secret of life  you can go thought this life and must watch this movie

But here i will give a short description that what i understand from this movie

many famous entrepreneur, leaders, celebrities, and many people who have done those think which were unbelievable for the people  these all guys have one think common that is the secret . the secret is that we have a unseen frequency line in around our surrounding. so what these line do for us  these line make all our visualization into real

suppose we thought about to eat ice-cream and if you positively believe the today i will eat ice-cream any how, but you don’t have money but also you thinks about to eat ice-cream

now if it is your positive thought then there is a possibility that you will eat ice-cream before the day end may be your father will bring it or you get the money any how because your thought will search the way to make your dream to be happen. all thought its take time but you should not leave aim. like this many scientist also share the experience and story happen in there life

I saw in many family that they always  do negative action like in many family parents fight with each other, or members always be in tension, or they do such type of negative action. In these type of families that type of surrounding develop were they always be in tension and negative action are distributed in the surrounding.


In my word definition of a God if that (and also according to the science) god is a form of undefined energy which exist in our surrounding. and that is why people say that God exist everywhere. 

like this many important points are taken in the movie and those are briefly explained to make you understood with there personal life story.




Akhil Srivastava
Akhil Srivastava
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