Teach Your Children Surely 5 Basic Food Manners

It is said that the children’s first school is their home and from this place children learn many important things of life. In such a case, it is very important for the children to teach basic etiquette and manners, that they should also be taught some basic table manners so that their eating habits are also excellent –

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1. Eating in right way-

Teach your child how to eat them by breaking small pieces, chewing food well and closing the mouth. At the same time, they also teach that while drinking water they have to be careful that there is no voice. Apart from this, also add such a habit in the children so that they eat as much as they can eat in the plate so that the food can be saved from the wasted.

2. Staying steady-

At the age of 4-5 years, the child should learn to sit at a place for at least half an hour. This is the time when you should start teaching the child to sit at dinner table with you. But keep in mind that children can reach the level of the table and sit comfortably, either put a cushion on the chair or use a specially designed chair for children.

3. Use of utensils-

Children should be aware of what food they have to eat from the earliest ages. For example – a spoon for a soup and a spoon for a dessert or a bowl for lentils or any other liquid. All these things should be taught to children from infancy.

4. Compliment-

Teach the children also that if they find something to eat, then they should make it their praise. Also, if something does not look good to them, how to politely tell them that they do not like the dish.

5. After eating-

In childhood, it is a habit that since childhood, after eating it, they have to put their own plate and keep it in sync. If the children are not able to lift the plate, then the smallest utensils such as bowl and glass are the first to start. It is also very important to add habit of washing hands and mouth after eating.

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