Take Care of the Feet to Avoid Fungal Infection in the Rain

Soaking in the rain, due to dirty water and mud causes infection in the feet, itching and redness in the feet, it is very important for you to care for your feet, in this article today we You will find some home remedies so that you can get rid of the problem of feet infection in the rainy season.

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Foot care during Rain-

1- As far as possible try to keep the feet dry. Bacteria develop in wet feet, which can cause infection, as well as smelling from the feet.
2 – Cut the nails that grow inwards. There is a risk of fungal infection due to fingernails growing in the rainy season.
3- Whenever you get time, put hot water and bath salt in the tub and soak the feet in it (foot bath). By doing this, the muscles of the feet are relaxed.
4 – Massage the feet by applying glycerin before sleeping at night.
5- Take a little time off during the day for foot care. To keep the feet beautiful and safe, fill so much water in the tub that the water reaches between your legs. Then add shampoo to the water and let it sit for 10 minutes.

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6-The help of a toothbrush or nailbrush, clean the nails of the foot thoroughly.
7-Rub the dead cells of the foot with the help of a pumic stone.
8- Use a metal scrub to remove thick / rough skin or dead cells from the heels. This removes dead skin easily and heels become clean and soft.

9-If you are applying nail polish, clean the excess cream on the nail and apply the base first. Apply nail paint after the base coat and then apply top coat.
10-Keep in mind that without applying any coat, never apply another coat of nail paint.
11- If you apply cotton or towel between all the fingers, the nail polish will not spread from one finger to another.

By taking proper care of the feet once a week, you can keep your feet beautiful and safe even during monsoon.

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