Surat is selling 24 carat Gold Sweets, cost 9000 Rupees

The festival of Rakshabandhan is incomplete without sweets. Without the sweet, this festival of brothers and sisters is incomplete. But this time, a sweet sweets sold here at Rakhi on Surat has become a topic of discussion all over the country. You probably will not even hear about the sweetness you are going to tell about. The country’s diamond is being found in Surat. These special desserts are made from gold barks.

This dessert has been prepared with special high quality dry fruit and 24 carat pure gold barks. But even more, it is worth 9 thousand rupees per kg. It must have been wonderful to hear, but the ’24 Karate Sweet Magic ‘, which is known for its charm, is attracting people in full view.

Shopkeeper’s Claim – Beneficial for Health-

The shopkeeper claims that the best quality cashew nuts have been used and gold bark is also good for health. Therefore, whoever wants to, must have booked beforehand. The name of sweet is also kept on the same lines, ’24Carate Sweet Magic ‘. The shopkeeper claimed that there was a great demand for this sweet dish between the customers on Raksha Bandhan.

Gold’s Sweets in Diamond City-

People on Rakhi buy sweets very well and do not see expensive-cheap. Brothers and Sisters like to give each other an expensive and unique gift on this occasion to show love to each other. In this case, this sweet dish is attracting people on this occasion. Surat is the city of Diamond and Textile. A large businessman lives here, so there will be no shortage of customers who buy this expensive dessert.

Goes Boom in just 3 days –

Prince Mithaiwala, who made this sweetener, said that the sweet sweet sold out within three days of launching this Gold Suite. This has become a hot favorite for sweets. This dessert was made in this year’s limited stock. If there is a demand next year, then this dessert of people’s choice will be made in much more quantity.

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