Stone Medicine and Instant Relief from Stone Pain

Consumption of urea containing food and junk food the problem of stone are increasing, the person has to face the pain due to the problem of stone, which is very troublesome to him. in this article we will tell you some Home remedies which will relief form stone pain and also tell about a syrup that will remove the stone up to 10mm, lets know.

Home remedies for relieving stones

Eat bananas daily to relieve from stone pain. Vitaminins found in bananas prevent stones from growing.

Boil celery with water and then filter it and drink it. Drinking it will relieve stones’ pain.

Citric acid content is found in lemon which prevents the amount of calcium in the body to grow. Consuming it during the calculus takes quick relief.

Sugar candy, Fennel and Dry Coriander
Put 2 teaspoons fennel, dry coriander and sugar candy in two glasses of water at night and give it soaked. Drink it empty stomach after filtering it in the morning. By doing this you will soon get relief from stones.

Onion juice
Drink onion juice with sugars. Potassium and Vitamin B found in onion prevents stones from growing.

Aloe Vera juice
Drinking aloe Vera regularly regularly provides relief from stone pain.

Medicine-SCORTIS HEALTHCARE Crush Stone Syrup

It is a natural and an Ayurvedic product, it is available in both syrup and pill
Kidney stones, irritation of urine, non-specific urinary tract infections, and very beneficial syrup for urinary stones.
If you take pills then you have to take 1 tablet twice a day and
Syrup 3 times a day, one lid
CRUSHSTONE syrup is a combination of Ayurvedic Herbs like pashanbhed, gokhru, palash pushp, kulthi, daru haldi, amla, trifla, punarva, makoy, sudha shilajit, lajjalu, varun chal, kakdi beej, mooli beej, charila which are helpful to eliminate stone from the body.

If you also have problems of stones, then use this medicine and home remedy. and by using it how much benefit has been proved to you tell me by comment and if anybody around you has such problem, then definitely give advice.(Take the doctor's advice before taking)
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