Some effective home remedies for getting shiny skin

Water –

Drink more water, because it exits the dirt of your body. By which new cells are made in the body, By drinking 1-2 glass juice every day, your skin gets nourishment from inside.

It is absolutely not possible to get 8 hours of sleep without being shy-free.

Lemon –

Use lemon every day with a salad in the meal, or drink lemon water.
Lime will not let your body lack vitamin V, which is very beneficial for your skin. Eating – Eat food from time to time, and do not be constipated. Keep this in mind because there can never be any excitement in your skin when constipation.

Potato peels –

If you have acne in the face, then boil the potatoes … Put the potato peel in the acne   spots.

Your acne will end.

 Tomatoes –

Sprinkle the cottonsea in tomatoes juice and apply it on the scars, it will remove the scars.

Honey –

It is beneficial to massage honey on the face with a soft hole in the skin.
After massage, wash the face with lukewarm water.

Sunscreen lotions –

Use sun glasses and sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from sunlight.

 Red sandalwood –

To remove injury marks, rub the red sandalwood in water.
Applying the red sandal on a place with an injury marks for 20-25 days continuously will make you see the difference.

Make your facials in natural way.

Turmeric Powder –

Take the turmeric powder, make it fine powder, then mix turmeric powder, gram flour and cream and make paste.
Put paste in the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash your face with water.

Chandni Powder –

Make a paste by adding one teaspoon lemon juice and tomato juice to the sandalwood powder.
Leave it for a while after putting it in the face, then wash your mouth with water. Sandalwood is pimples and allergy disorders.

 Lentils –

Eat daily pulses, eating lentils creates new cells in the body, thereby enhancing the skin.
Eating pomegranates quickly causes injury, as well as redness in your skin.
Mash banana-banana, then add some honey and honey in it.
Then leave this paste on face and neck and leave for 15-20 minutes. After that wash the face.
Scrub –

Scrub your face 2 times a week.
Green Tea –

Drink Green Tea instead of drinking ordinary tea. It is very beneficial for your skin.
Stay relaxed because you can not get shiny skin without being relaxed.

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