Skin will Bright Even in Winter

The skin becomes dry in winter, in this season we need to take more care of our skin.

Risk of skin diseases –

In this season, dry skin is more prone to diseases like psoriasis, sermatitis and scabies than in other seasons, it is often seen that the problem of facial foot freckles etc. increases in the winter season. Sitting for a long time is a fire, pregnancy and some medicines are also consumed. Asteroids are often found in the beauty drugs sold in the market, so that soon Su skin gets a lot of glow, but due to their frequent use, skin diseases can be caused which leave all types of stains and pimples on the face, and the facial wrinkles, especially the nose, cheeks and forehead can be seen.

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Pay attention to these things –

1- By taking a little care of yourself, you can avoid problems related to winter skin such as
2- Sitting in the sun after applying moisturizer to the skin
3- Apply good quality sunscreen every four hours, even if you are at home
4- You should include adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in the diet as far as possible to avoid fast food and consume fruits and vegetables in your diet.
5- Have a tendency to become freckles due to genetic reasons for which they need proper treatment
6- The effect of PRP laser and photo therapy and peeling etc. in removing the freckles is very positive.Dermatology consultation can relieve the wrinkles and stains.

Avoid scabies –

In winter season, scabies infestation also increases rapidly. Scabies is an infectious disease, so avoid wearing other clothes and keep the body clean, consult a specialist in case of disease. Put the clothes in hot water, otherwise this merge can engulf the whole family as far as possible, taking care of cleanliness. Winter season is good for some people for skin care, such as people who have loose skin or read wrinkles due to age, they can easily process face lift etc.

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