Should eat eat ice cream in cold or not, know the expert opinion

Be it kids or adults, everyone loves ice cream. Especially in the summer season, the plethora of flavors of ice cream soothe your throat as well as soothe your taste buds. Apart from this, eating ice cream is a different fun even in the cold season, but parents always tell children not to eat ice cream because cold will happen and people avoid eating, so let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of ice cream.

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Know nutritionist’s opinion about ice cream:

While many people enjoy ice cream in every season without any hesitation, you must have heard some people saying that they got cold or sore throat due to ice cream. So does eating ice cream really cause a cold? Know what clinical nutritionist Dr Nupur J Krishnan has to say…

Ice cream does not cause cold:

If nutritionists believe that ice cream causes cold, it is wrong to think so. It depends on the metabolism of the human being. Some people may have intolerance or allergies to certain foods. The same thing applies to yogurt. Allergies can be treated, but intolerance is related to digestion, so it can only be cured to some extent. On the other hand, a cold is caused by a virus, although if the cold virus has already reached your body, then ice cream can worsen the situation.

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Ice cream and mycobacteria-

Whether you will catch a cold from ice cream or not depends on the lifestyle and other parameters of the person. Although ice cream is a dairy product, there is a risk of mycobacteria, but eating it in limited quantities does not harm.

Children can eat ice cream-

On the other hand, if we talk about the benefits of ice cream, according to nutritionists, ice cream contains a lot of calories and fat content, so it is good for children who lack nutrition. Along with this, ice cream is also very good for feeding and pregnant women. Fruits and nuts in ice cream increase its nutritional value.

Brain runs faster with ice cream-

At the same time, according to a Japanese study, eating ice cream for breakfast keeps your mental performance good throughout the day. Well, no matter how much discussion is done on the advantages and disadvantages of ice cream, always remember that more quantity of anything is always harmful.

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Who should not eat ice cream-

Ice cream can be harmful for diabetic, high BP and high cholesterol patients.

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