Should eat Banana in fever or not ?

When we are sick, we get lots of advice on eating fruit. The reason behind this is that the element found in the fruit makes our body healthy and healthy again. The weakness of our body gradually disappears.

In the time of cold and fever, any fruit can make our body like before. But banana is a fruit that has a very good effect on our body, in such a situation. All the fruit gets good with our health, but there is something special in Banana.

Should eat banana in fever?

When we have a fever or a cold, then the strength of our body is greatly reduced. Because of this, we feel very weak. So in such a situation, it is very necessary to eat fruits and drink water. Out of the fruit, banana gives our body the most benefit. There are many elements in this fruit that are very important for our health.

Banana contains a considerable amount of carbohydrates. This gives our body a lot of strength, and a new energy starts to grow in our body. It contains lots of potassium, and other minerals, which help us to balance our body.

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But if we lose vitamin C at the time of fever, then banana is not the right result because banana contains very little vitamin K. If you want to eat anyway, then it is necessary to eat fruits like orange and kiwi, which contains a lot of vitamin C.

There is also a lot of water element in banana. As mentioned at the beginning, it is very necessary to drink a lot of water at the time of fever. Therefore, due to eating bananas, the mineral lost in our body also returns.

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This fruit has so many properties that can cure our fever. By making our health better and healthier, the lost element of our body returns us back. These fruits work from children to growns, they all work on, and gradually express their benefits on them.

Banana is very easy to eat. Without bruising, without washing, we can eat bananas like this, just peel it. This is even more good because when we have a fever, due to weakness we do not feel like doing some work. In such a way, it is very easy for us to eat fruit by peeling in a couple of minutes.

Some tips for getting relief from fever and cold-

When we have a fever or a cold, we must eat fruits and vegetables, but the following should also be kept in mind:

    1. It is very important to relax at home. When our body is weak and tired, we should not tire it any more. Rather, we should give our body enough rest, so that we get some strength again.
    2. Drinking too much water is very important. Apart from that, our fever may also come from hot-hot soup, and fresh fruit juices, and stay away from us even further.
    3. Rinse by adding salt in hot water gives our throat much relief, as well as fever bacteria also die in our body. This reduces the infections of our body, and our health gets better and better. With hot water, we should rinse everyday. It is very good for the health of our mouth and throat.

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