Shilpa Shetty Drinks this Special Tea for Fitness and Beauty

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is as fit as she is beautiful. With age, his fitness and beauty is going on. Despite crossing the age of forty, there is no shortage of beauty and fitness of Shilpa. In terms of fitness, he is still ideal for his fans. For his figure, health and yoga, he has become a separate identity throughout the world.

Shilpa says, ‘Often people want to know from me that what I eat? How much workout do I do? So I always give credit to Yoga for my fitness and also to Healthy Lifestyle. To keep your body fit, give special attention to yoga and exercise.

Shilpa said, “I do not believe in diet at all. Instead, I take healthy and balanced diet. I have special emphasis on brown carbohydrate and protein-rich diet such as brown bread, brown rice, brown sugar, brown pasta etc.

Shilpa said, ‘I drink Protein shake during workout session. I like taking Green tea instead of ordinary tea. Avoid packaged drinks and cold drinks. You may not believe it, but in the week I eat six days a healthy meal, which includes vegetarian nutritional food. But after eight o’clock I do not eat food ‘.

Shilpa says, I do not follow any diet on Sunday. Eat something like this on this day. ‘ Along with the diet, Shilpa also takes special care of her skin. He does not use soap on his face at all.

Shilpa Moisturiser definitely starts after washing in the morning after washing the face with lukewarm water. Using baby oil and coconut oil to remove facial makeup. After Shilpa yoga, Aloe vera juice also drinks in the morning. The weight of the body remains in the control, for that he drinks hot water all day long.

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