Say Goodbye to Acidity with the help of these 6 Foods

Are you also worried about problems like stomachache, gas, bad breath, embarrassment etc.? These symptoms can be acidity. Due to our dull and stressful lifestyle, the problem of acidity is becoming very common nowadays. Usually due to the sharp and spicy food. For these problems caused by acid imbalance in digestion, it is better to eat medicines every time than to eat that you try to control acidity with the help of these foods. We are telling you some home remedies for getting rid of acidity.

Basil leaves-

Basil encourages the stomach to produce more mucus and its anti-ulcer properties reduce the effects of gastric acids. Whenever you feel like acid, immediately chew some leaves of Basil and get comfort.


Bananas contain potassium and a lot of fiber, which balances acid levels in the stomach. High cooked is good for acidity, because it contains high amount of potassium.


There are anti-ulcer properties in it. Apart from this, it provides relief in constipation and has the ability to cool the stomach. For this reason, in our country restaurant has a common tradition of fennel after eating. If you have acidity problem then boil some of the fennel seeds in water and keep it overnight. Drink this water the other day.

Cold milk-

Milk contains large amounts of calcium and it helps in the elimination of acidity. Salt milk provides relief immediately from the burning sensation of the throat and chest due to acidity.


It stimulates digestion, relaxes the stomach and relaxes the inner layer of the stomach, which does not produce excessive acid production. Take cardamom as needed and boil it by putting it in water and crush it. Cool it and drink it. This will provide immediate relief in acidity.


Cloves have the properties of eliminating the vata and it has the capacity to improve digestion. Its fast flavor spreads throughout your mouth, keeping it under the teeth. This flavor helps in making saliva on a large scale, which is helpful in digestion process. And good digestion means the holiday of acidity.


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