Save the Nails from Repeated breaks with these 9 Tips

Often people spend a lot of money on making faces, hair and skin beautiful, but neglecting nails, that is, ignore nail care. Beautiful and strong nails are also good health identities. Let us tell you some special tips from Nail Care.

9 Easy Tips for Nails-

1-If your nails are quickly broken or more delicate, then use vitamin B, especially B5 and flaccid oil.

2-One of the major reasons for breaking nails can also be the lack of proper nutrition in the diet, so firstly pay attention to your diet. Include multi vitamins and multi-mineral in the food. If there is a shortage of iron, calcium and vitamin B, then the nails break apart.

3-Those People nails begin to break loose after lifting, they should massage their nails with coconut oil or olive oil.

4-If your nails are lifeless, then take milk. Milk also strengthens bones and nails. Similarly, put egg yolk in milk and shake well and dip the nails in it. By doing this the nails are strong and grow faster.

5-Women have to wash their hands repeatedly while working in the kitchen, which causes fungal infections in their fingers. So avoid refraining from repeated scrutiny.

6-While doing a manicure or pedicure, check that all instants are sterilized or not. If possible, take your instrument kit in the parlor.

7-Do not apply nails to nail polish for a few days. This will not cause yellow spot on them. Use Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover After removing the nail polish, apply Moisturizer Cream on the hands and feet.

8-Apply anti fungal nail drops before sleeping in the night. If changes in Nels Colors appear, contact the dermatologist.

9-Avoid wearing knitted shoes, because wearing such a flatware tends to tighten the thighs of the feet and the nails of them do not grow properly. Wearing such shoes can cause problems like pain, swelling and infection in the feet.

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