Save Health from firecrackers on Diwali :Diwali 2018

If there is no sound of firecrackers in Diwali, then there may be some disadvantage, but if the crackers are harming our health and harming the environment, then we need to think properly about their use. How to prevent yourself from problems related to health of Diwali, how to protect yourself from health related problems and how to help the elderly and ill people from the firecrackers.

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Diwali brings lots of happiness-

Diwali brings lots of happiness with you, but the problem of patients suffering from Asthma, COPD or Allergic Rhinitis increases these days. The small particles present in the crackers have a bad effect on the health, which affects the lungs. This way, the fire of crackers can swollen the lungs, so that the lungs do not work properly and the situation can reach even that ogrean failer and death can happen. Try to avoid smoke in such a situation.

Asthma attack can occur –

Asthma or asthma attack can occur due to the smoke of firecrackers. The harmful toxic particles can be caused by arriving in the lungs, causing the person to be at risk of life. In such cases, those who have respiratory problems should save themselves from polluted air.

Heart attack and stroke risk-

Fireworks smoke can also cause heart attack and stroke risk. Ladders present in firecrackers are dangerous for health, due to this the risk of heart attack and stroke increases. When the smoke coming out of the firecrackers goes into the body with respiration then the obstruction of the blood flow begins. Due to not having enough blood in the brain, the person may be stroke hunting.

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Children and pregnant women-

Children and pregnant women should stay away from crackers and smoke. Cold smoke produced from firecrackers, especially in small children, causes respiratory problems. Fireworks contain harmful chemicals, which cause the toxins levels in the body of the children and create obstruction in their development. The possibility of miscarriage increases by the smoke of firecrackers, so pregnant women should also stay at home in such times.


In order to make the firecrackers colorful, radioactive and toxic substances are used. While these substances pollute the air on the one hand, on the other hand they also have anticipation of cancer.

Chest and throat-

During the Diwali from Smoke, the PM increases the air. When people come in contact with these pollutants, they may have problems with eye, nose and throat. Cracks can be caused by smoking, cold cold and alzira, and can also cause congestion in the chest and throat.

Harmful to health-

Breath problems with copper present in its smoke, cadmium- reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen, thus causing the person to be anemia. Vomiting due to zinc and damage to the nervous system with fever and lead. Magnesium and sodium are also harmful to health.

Psychological effects on humans.-

Experts say that more than 100 decibels have a bad effect on the voice of our hearing. According to the World Health Organization, voices of 45 decibels are suitable for cities. But the noise level in India’s big cities is more than 90 decibels. The proper level for humans is considered to be 85 decibels only. The unwanted sound produces psychological effects on humans.

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Stress & depression-

Noise can cause stress, depression, high blood pressure, hearing impairment, tinnitus, problems in sleep etc. Stress and high blood pressure are fatal for health, while tinnitus can be a memory of the person, may be victim of depression. More noise is not good for heart health. By staying in the blood, blood pressure increases by five to ten times and tension increases. All these factors can cause hypertension and coronary artery diseases.

What precautions should be taken to avoid firecrackers and pollution?

Try not to burn firecrackers or to burn less crackers. Burning of firecrackers causes gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur oxide, which are dangerous for asthma patients. Existing smoke in the air can be fatal for children and elderly.

Avoid polluted air, because it can cause stress and alger. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or cloth to avoid alger. Patients with asthma etc. keep your inhaler with you. If you have trouble breathing then use it immediately and then consult a doctor. Take a healthy lifestyle during the festivals. If you feel inconvenience in some way then consult a doctor immediately.

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