4 Natural Homemade Face wash to Remove Dirt from the Face

Nowadays boys and girls use face wash instead of soap to remove dirt and dust from the face. There are many types of side-effects on the skin as it is used by many types of chemicals in face wash made of market. This causes problems like allergic and stubbornness on the skin. If you want to avoid these problems, use homemade face wash, which will not cause any damage to the skin. Let’s learn how to make face at home Face Wash.

Strawberries and Lemon-

Fabulous oily skin made from strawberries is very beneficial. To prepare this, take a strawberry mash well in the bowl and then add lemon juice or rose water to it. Then put it on the face for 10 minutes and wash it later. This face wash makes the face shiny and blond.


Honey not only works on skin but also helps in hydrating the skin. To use it, take a few drops of honey on your hands and massage them with water and then wash them with water.

Pineapple and Lemon-

Due to it being rich in Vitamin C, they make the skin clean and glossy. To prepare face wash, mix a bowl of pineapple well and mix lemon juice or rose water. Now wash it with plain water for 10 minutes.

Milk and Honey-

Facial made from milk and honey to make a natural glow on the face is a great option. To prepare it, add 1 spoonful of honey to 2 teaspoons of raw milk. Massage it for 2-3 minutes of face and then wash with warm hot water.

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