Sattu health benefits for diabetes and obesity

Sattu, a famous dish of Bihar, is not only a test taker but also works as a doctor to cure many of  diseases. Eating sattu not only cures diseases such as diabetes, but also gets rid of obesity. Sattu is made from grind roasted barley and gram.  It is used to make many dishes. Sattu is usually dissolved in water, in the form of powder, and drank.

Sattu made from barley and gram is extremely beneficial in cough, gall, exhaustion, hunger, thirst and eyes related illness. Doctors treat it as a panacea for stomach disorders.

For Obesity-

You may be surprised to hear that all the ingredients needed for a complete diet are found in Sattu. Eating or drinking Sattu does not make the person feel hungry for a long time. Which helps the person in losing weight.

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For Energy-

Mango, iron, magnesium and phosphorus are found in gram sattu, which works to give you instant energy by tiring your body.

for stomach –

It is advisable to eat it in the summer due to the cold winter season. It also helps to keep the stomach cool, due to which the person does not feel louder. Sattu body temperature is controlled, which prevents many diseases related to stomach.

for Anemia-

If there is a lack of blood in the body, the person suffers from anemia. By doing so, mixing sattu in the water daily brings great benefits.

for Diabetes –

Beta-glucane present in Sattu regulates sugar levels in the blood by reducing the absorption of glucose in the body. Diabetic patients can control diabetes largely by controlling sattu everyday. Keep in mind that people suffering from this disease should not eat sugar sattu.

These are the losses of Sattu intake-

    • Gas in the stomach causes excessive consumption of gram sattu. Keep in mind that you do not consume much of it in the diet.
    • Whereas sattu is a boon for diabetic patients, stones should not be consumed at all.
    • Chana increases the leprosy disease, so the person suffering from leprosy should not eat gram sattu.
    • Avoid consuming gram satta in the rainy season.
    • Keep Sattu in account while keeping water in between. In addition, sattu should not be consumed more than once or twice a day.

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