Remove Nail Paint without Thinner with these 4 Tips

If you want to get rid of the attached nail polish, you should also come to the right way, otherwise the nail polish sticks to the edge of your fingers and looks bad. Know some home remedies for reducing nail polish.


Toothpaste is of great work. If the nail polish is not completely exhausted, apply toothpaste on the nail. Slowly rub it with cotton. Nail polish will be remove.


If alcohol is kept in the house then put some drops on your nails and rub it with some cotton cloth. Your nail polish will be completely clean.

Hot water-

Hot water can also be used for nail polish if vinegar or alcohol is not available in the house. Take hot water in a bowl and keep your nails dipped in it for 10 minutes. After that, take a bowl with cotton. The old nail polish will descend.


Vinegar can also be used to relieve nail polish. Slowly rubbing cotton sour cotton in the vinegar. This will completely eliminate the nail polish


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