Remove Itching in Head, from these Home Remedies

If it is itching in the head then there is no mind in any work. This problem increases in the rainy season. There are many reasons for itching in the head, but the problem is most because of hair loss.

Lemon and honey –

lemon is also equipped with anti-bacterial, anti fungal properties. Just mix lemon juice in honey and massage the roots of hair, wash the head after 15 minutes. Itching and dandruff will get rid of the problem.

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Tea Tree Oil-

People using Tea Oil in the world have been used to enhance beauty. In it, the name of the Terpenes is present in the compound, which is equipped with anti-bacterial, anti fungal properties. It uses moisture in the roots of the hair and it gets rid of itching. Mix 2 spoonful of Tea Oil in a spoonful olive oil. Massage the cotton into the roots and immerse them in the roots. You will start seeing results from a week later.

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Aloe Vera –

Aloe Vera is a treasure of virtues. The use of aloe Vera can make your hair beautiful, strong and dandruff free. Yes, if the aloe Vera gel is washed with hair shampoo 15 minutes after massage for a little while in the hair roots then the problem of itching in the head is removed.

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Apple Vinegar –

Apple vinegar means apple vinegar. It is being used for a long time to clean the dirt of the head. Mixing a quarter apple vinegar with three quarters of water, massage daily in the hair, eliminates the problem of itching in the head.

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