Remove Hair Fall Problem Easily in Rainy Season

During the rainy days, almost all the people have hair fall, Improper eating and stomach problems lead to hair loss. some people start losing their hair so much that they are worried that they should not get bald, in this article today we will talk about some of the ways that your hair loss If the problem will be solved, let’s know how

Gooseberry –

Gooseberry contains elements like vitamin minerals and alkaloids which are very good for our hair, if you eat gooseberry juice, gooseberry powder or any form of gooseberry, it will darken your hair and Will get rid of hair loss.

Brahmi –

Brahmi is very beneficial for hair. By using this, the roots of the hair are strengthened, the fall is reduced and new hair also starts coming out. If you are troubled by any hair problem, then take a spoonful of Brahmi powder. you will get a lot of benefit from it. Brahmi provides nutrition to the scalp. Hair is good and thick with Brahmi and the problem of dandruff is also relieved. Brahmi has antioxidant properties. Massaging the head with its oil removes baldness.

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Aloe Vera-

The fresh pulp of aloe Vera contains an enzyme, which, when applied to the skin of the head, eliminates dead cells and develops new cells. Apart from this, taking Aloe Vera as a juice or eating whole can also eliminate the problem of dandruff, stop hair fall and help in getting new hair.


Ashwagandha contains an essential amino acid called tyrosine, which is very important for the health of hair. This prevents hair from premature graying and aids hair growth.

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Everyone knows that onion reduces hair fall, but do you know that onion is helpful in maintaining the natural tone of hair. The onion contains catalase enzyme, which is effective in making hair black. Cut raw onion and grind it and apply it on your scalp. After one hour you wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply this paste twice a week and get positive results in two months.

Curry leaves-

Put 7-8 curry leaves in coconut oil and kink it. When the curry leaves smell, remove the oil from the flame and apply it on the scalp. Leave the oil in the hair overnight. If you cannot keep the oil on your head for a long time, then keep this curry leaf oil for at least 2 hours. Curry leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties, which help to eliminate the problem of dandruff from the root.

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