Remove Depression and Stress with these 5 Home Remedies

Depression is a very common problem. Depression level is different in every person. It is necessary to have some stress to keep an interest in work, but when it starts to dominate us, it starts affecting our physical and mental health. Therefore it is necessary to stay away from excessive stress, let’s know the natural remedy to remove it.


First of all, mow the mole or coconut oil lightly.
Now massage your head, feet soles, hands or back with this oil.
Bathe with hot water after massage.
By doing this regularly, you will never get stress.


Regular consumption can be done by putting the juice of basil leaves in tea.
Smash 10-12 leaves of basil twice a day.

Breathe slowly and deeper-

Whenever you are in depression, sit in a comfortable place or lie down.
Close your eyes and take 5 long-term respiration with your nose.
Hold each breath in for some time and then take out the whole breath.

Rock salt

Put 1 cup rock salt in a tub of hot water.
Now, mix it well in water.
Now sit in this water for 20 minutes.
To keep stress free, do this remedy 2 to 3 times a week.

Chamomile Tea-

You can take 3 to 4 cup chamomile tea in the day to fight the stress. To make this, pour 2 teaspoon chamomile powder into 1 cup hot water. After mixing it well, mix honey according to the taste.


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