Remove dead cells and make face clean and beautiful

Remove dead cells and make face clean and beautiful

By Steaming :

Heat the water in a Kettle and when the steam starts coming out, Start vaporizing on face. Put a piece of cotton and rub the face. After steaming, the dead cells will become loose and stick out in the cotton stove.

You can use alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) if the oil on the skin is very accumulated and also the dead cell. Rui will rotate on the skin of soaking, cotton will turn black. Use this occasionally as this oil eliminates it altogether.

Aloe vera-

Mix aloe vera, multani soil and gram flour, make a paste and  apply on your face,now scrub slowly, the dead cells will be released from face, It cleans the skin in a natural way.

Use food soda-

Make a paste of water mixed in soda and two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide, either the vinegar mixed skin is well worn and the skin will be cleaned.

A mixture of multani soil and lemon-


You can also clean the skin of the face with a mixture of multani soil and lemon.

Boil sugar in a little water and make it thick paste . Now add lemon juice in it and let it dry on putting on the face, and then remove it, so that small hair will also get out and dead cells too. This is a great way to clean the face.

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