Remove acne & the dirt of ear, with this chemical & its benefits

Hydrogen peroxide or H202 is definitely one of the most used domestic sensitizers in the world. One of the advantages of this is more than one, after hearing that if you do not have hydrogen bottles in your house then you will surely get it. Let us know how a hydrogen peroxide placed in the house can become part of our daily routine.

For acne –

putting on top of acne due to the droplets of hydrogen peroxide in cotton, acne disappears within one night.

To clean the scum of the ears –

Make a solution by taking hydrogen peroxide and a quantity of water. Keep in mind that the amount of hydrogen paraoxide can not be more than 3% if not more fatal. Now put a few drops in the ear and let it go well in the ear. After that turn the ear and remove the remaining solution.

To clean the teeth –

Mix a lid hydrogen peroxide in a glass of lukewarm water and fill this water in the mouth and make coriander 4 to 5 times. Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties, by which the teeth become a white layer and teeth begin to shine. But it should not be used more. Once in a week or 10 days.


Hydrogen peroxide, soak 3% in rui and place it at the affected area of blackheads, keep in mind the hydrogen peroxide, keep it away from eyes and hair, as it is harmful for eyes and hair. After this you moisturize your face.

The stench of arms-

Hydrogen peroxide eliminates the bacteria that spread odor. You can mix it with your soap and use it inside your arms for 30 minutes. After that you wash it with clean water.

To end the nail fungus –

you have to dump your fingers in the solution of hydrogen peroxide. As soon as the oxygen levels increase, the nails will start fading and the beautiful nails will start growing. For this add 3% hydrogen peroxide in water or vinegar. Now immerse your hands or feet in this solution for 30 minutes. Do this until the fungus disappears. Leave this tip every day for a month.

Redemption of breathlessness –

Hydrogen peroxide also relieves from bad breath. Using it, the unhealthy microorganisms in the breathless body end. For this, you should spit hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for 30 seconds, run it around the mouth and spit

To apply injury –

you can use hydrogen peroxide in the market to correct small injuries and thorns. This stops blood flow and the dead tissue gets out. Hydrogen peroxide can be used directly on your injury.

To apply color to hair –

If you put a color in your hair and after coloring, you want your color to remain in the hair for many days and when shining, then add color to the hydrogen peroxide up to 3%. After that look shining hair.

To remove the tongue dirt –

If the white layer on your tongue is frozen and not being released even after brushing everyday, then take Hydrogen peroxide one part of hydrogen peroxide and mix it in 2 parts water. Now add it to a soft toothbrush and scrub it slowly. After this, spit it and rinse well with water. Make it 3-4 days a week. Remember you do not swallow hydrogen peroxide.

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