There is a danger of diseases in the winter season. Despite wearing a lot of warm clothes, we fall sick. To avoid diseases, there is a need for good diet and keeping your environment pure is also very important. Applying some plants to your home and its surroundings can help you avoid the disease.

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is considered to be a very beneficial plant. It increases the level of oxygen.

2. Ivy Plant
Ivy starts purifying the air within a few hours of planting. It destroys the germs present in the air.

3. Bamboo Plant
By bringing the bamboo plant in the house, you will be away from the disease germs, and this plant also brings happiness in the house.

2. Grind Lily
The grinding lily plant around the house makes the air clean. Due to which diseases run away.

4. Spider Plant
The spider plant removes the carbon monoxide from the air, sterilizes it and purifies it. By planting this plant in the house you will remain free from disease.