Protect your skin to sun heat and pollution-summer beauty tips

In the summer season, due to scorching sunlight and UV radiation, the moisture content in the skin decreases, due to which the skin becomes dull, fuzzy and lifeless, and the color of the skin becomes darker or darker than usual. Scrab can easily be made from the products kept in the kitchen. In fact many of the products kept in the kitchen can be applied directly to fix skin scorching.

1-Keep the pieces of ice for some time in the evening on the evening after being outdoors. This will relieve the damage caused by sunburn and moisture in the skin.

2-Due to the tomato paste on the face, it gives a lot of relief to the skin in the summer. To reduce the damage to Sunburn, wash the face repeatedly with fresh, clean and cold water.

3-After washing the watermelon juice in the rose water 20 minutes after putting it on the face, the effect of the sunburn will end.

4-Mix two teaspoon lemon juice in one teaspoon honey and wash it with fresh clean water after half an hour. Apply it on a daily face.

5-To provide relief to scorching skin with oily skin, add the cucumber pulse to the curd and wash it with fresh clean water after 20 minutes.

6-Put cold milk with the help of cottonwool on scorching skin from the sun’s rays. This will not only relieve the skin, but rather the skin will become soft. Using it for a long time will enhance the color of the skin.

7-Grind a small piece of mole and mix it in half cup of water and after mixing the mixture for two hours, filter the water after filtering it, it will benefit in scalding skin.

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