Problem occur due to makeup everyday

Do you also do makeup everyday to look beautiful? On special occasions, we all do make-up, but there are some people who do make-up everyday. If the makeup is done properly, the skin does not cause much damage, but the skin gets spoiled very quickly when it is done in a wrong way. Apart from this, how much do you use the product, it also makes a difference.
But doing makeup daily is not right. The natural glow of the skin is lost due to the daily make-up. There is also a danger of many diseases. Dermatologists believe that those who make daily make-up can have these 5 problems.

1. People who use a lot of masquerade often have to face this problem. The eyelids of those who use a lot of mascara begin to diminish.

2. Eyes of a lot of eye makeup are soon drying up. It keeps irritation all the time in the eyes. Itching and heavyness also prevail.

3. If your skin type has changed suddenly, it may be due to too much make-up. Skin pads are closed by making make-up. It does not sweat and the skin becomes oily.

4. Pores are closed by making too much make-up. There is a danger of having an infection. Many times this leads to problems of acne.

5. Making too much makeup is sometimes allergic to many. Sometimes due to this the red rashes are also made on the face.

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