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There is no doubt that most people want their body to have a good smell all day. Many times, good perfume is used for this, so sometimes perfumes are mixed with lotions. As well as many hacks…..Some parts of the body are such that where perfume spreads easily and you do good smile throughout the day. In this way we are telling you about the body parts where you should put perfume so that your perfume will last longer …

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Inside the elbow-

People who wear perfumes on the wrist. But if it is placed inside the elbow then it lasts for a long time. It is a point in the body from where heat is produced and perfume lasting longer.

Behind ear-

Spraying perfume on the upper part of the ear, perfume is better detergent and lasting longer. This spot on the back of the ear is oily, due to which perfume does not fly quickly and remains intact for a long time.

Put in belly button-

Belly button is also a part of the body from where the heat comes out and it is a perfect spot for perfume. The next time you put perfume, then spray it in a little belly button too.

Behind the knees-

In exactly the same way as you put perfume inside the elbow, put it behind the knees. Like the back of the ear, this part is also oily and retains perfume for a long time.

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